15 great things i loved about living in barcelona, spain

If you’re contemplating living overseas, consider adding Spain to the top of your bucket list as I can easily reel off countless reasons why living in Barcelona in particular, is absolutely fabulous. Best beach club barcelona This cosmopolitan city has all the luxuries of an urban city comparable to Manhattan with its Euro chic sensibilities and an old world charm of its own.

My Husband’s Catalan Love Affair Living in Barcelona. Beach hotels in barcelona area It’s not often my husband is so easily smitten. Best beach bars barcelona He’s had other great loves before — Rome, Paris & Tokyo have previously captured his affection as a Professor of Architecture.

Popular beaches in barcelona When we visited about a year ago, my husband never expected to find a new love.

We were both captivated by the city’s urban old world charm. Beaches between barcelona and valencia Barcelona is arguably one of the finest European cities. Best beach in barcelona for families Little did we expect to return a year later with a chance to live in Barcelona for 4 months. Best beach in barcelona tripadvisor How about you? Perhaps you’ve been to Barcelona before on vacation but have made a secret wish to go back to live in Barcelona one day.

Although we had a chance to live for 4 months, you can also easily rent an apartment for a week or a month in fairly safe, chic areas. Nudist beaches in barcelona spain It will be less expensive than you think and living in an an apartment will give you more of a feel for living like a resident. Beaches near barcelona city Barcelona has some of the best markets and local neighborhoods for ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for additional information about living in Barcelona or perhaps have a chance to work/live/study abroad and you have to choose between Barcelona and some other destination, look no further. Beaches in spain near barcelona We’ve now had a chance to also live in Rome and that was wonderfully fabulous, too. Best beaches in barcelona map Here are 15 compelling reasons why you should say “si” to living in Barcelona.

Atkins advocates, check your diet at the airport. Beaches in barcelona in april Flaky pastries, cream puffs, palmiers, croissants, thin crispy wafers coated in honey and sprinkled with pine nuts, cake with layers of light whipped cream icing all beckon. Beaches in barcelona in august Despite a 4 story walk up and 81 stairs to negotiate every day, I still packed on extra junk in the trunk. Beaches of sitges catalonia near barcelona Let’s just say J Lo looks like Kate Moss in comparison. Beaches of barcelona photos But so worth every crumb. Top beaches near barcelona When in Spain…

One of the joys of living in a city like Barcelona for a few months is that you get into the rhythm of living like a resident. Nice beaches in barcelona You search out the best place to buy bread, an inexpensive place to buy flowers, determine who has decent vegetables and fruit. Beaches outside of barcelona I found a butcher who could understand my butchered Spanish enough to recommend a cheese or jamon.

Without a car, I schlepped groceries on foot and shopped the European way, making a daily grocery run with multiple stops. Best beaches to visit in barcelona I’d linger at one of the big markets like the world renown Boqueria or newer Mercat Santa Caterina. Quiet beaches in barcelona Once a week, the cheese market filled the little square in front of the church just down from us in our neighbourhood with the most amazing goat cheese. Barcelona beaches review Barcelona is a foodie’s delight.

Sardana dancing can be seen on weekends in front of the Cathedral and City Hall. Beaches near girona barcelona Although Flamenco dancing is native to the Andalusia region of Spain, Barcelona has a historic inexpensive tablao that has been open since the 1960s.

The last time I visited a couple of years ago, the only drawback is that depending on the apartment, you may have to pick up your key from their office before you get access the apartment and depending on your arrival time, that can mean the inconvenience of having to schlep your luggage around town. Beaches in barcelona map The other oddity, and this seems to be more common in Europe, is that you’re expected to pay the balance of your stay in cash.

However, from what I remember, you could also request to pay the credit card fee which was an added percentage to charge your apartment rental. Best beaches near barcelona I think it was 1-3%. Spain beaches near barcelona So on a $1,000 apartment rental, that was only $10-$30 more which was much more safe and secure than schlepping that amount of cash around a foreign city. Beaches in barcelona in july Plus there’s usually a daily limit on the amount of cash you can take out from the bank everyday, so you would have to plan your daily withdrawals or have multiple bank accounts, not to mention if your bank charges you to withdraw funds overseas. Beaches near barcelona Also try to use a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees.

If you’ve made the decision you’re going to do it, now you have the wonderful dilemma of figuring out where you want to live in the city. Best beaches around barcelona It’s a good idea to visit your potential neighborhood before you commit to even a short term lease from abroad. Best beaches close to barcelona Visit the area during the day and night to make sure you feel safe.

You’ll also want to see how close the area is to the things you want to do in the city whether it be in the historical center, near the beach or shopping. Top 5 beaches in barcelona Are you comfortable with living outside of the main part of the city where the rents are a little more expensive if it’s easily accessible by train, tram, bus or bike?

I love the tight enclosed city streets and dense amount of shops and things to see and do in the historic Gothic quarter. Nudist beaches near barcelona But seem people prefer the wide open spaces of Eixample. Best beaches in barcelona for adults Do a little research ahead of time by also checking out locations on Google maps and comparing relative distances to similar streets in your hometown.

Several years ago, I took time off to enjoy a much needed sabbatical year, armed with a rough idea of what I hoped to accomplish during my time off. Beaches of barcelona I hadn’t heard of a bucket list and didn’t even write a list of things…

When my husband and I found out we would be living in Spain for a semester we signed up for ten private Spanish lessons with a local language instructor. Best beach resorts near barcelona spain Neither of us took Spanish in school. Is there beaches in barcelona As far as learning another…

This is so coincidental that this lens is on LotD. Best beach resorts in barcelona spain My girlfriend is always saying how she wants to live in Barcelona and I could never figure out why, but after reading this lens I am opening up to the idea a lot more.

I first moved to Barcelona in the 1970s just after Franco died and Don Carlos had ascended the throne. Beaches in barcelona in june I was and still am a strong activist. Beach resorts near to barcelona Citizens had not heard from loved ones in decades and did not know if they were alive or dead (some were just arrested while going out to buy some milk and nobody had ever heard of them again). Best beach barcelona tripadvisor I enjoyed the passion of the people as we struck out together to close areas down until the government would set up a unit to answer the questions about missing loved ones. Good beaches in barcelona Although there had been some dangerous situations for me, overall I have to say I exalt emotionally thinking about that romantic romantic city. Best beach restaurants barcelona New made friends celebrated with me with those glasses unique to the area that Hemingway enjoyed( the glasses squirt the wine into your mouth when tilted at a distance from your open mouth)….and walking down the long narrow streets as the sky began to lighten overhead to the piercing sounds of roosters crowing. Beaches in barcelona photos The clip clop sounds of donkey’s shoed feet on the stoney streets brought tired smiles to our faces.We were so aware through the sounds and smells of another day with new life had just begun.

We have been living in Italy for 10 years – 4 in Rome, the last 6 in Venice. Barcelona beaches map We were planning on returning to Rome for my daughter’s high school years, but after she begged me to go to an American school instead of continuing in the Italian system for high school, we decided to move to Barcelona and send her to the American school there. Best beach hotels near barcelona I lived in Barcelona for a year when I was newly married and loved it. Top 10 beaches in barcelona But my heart was left in Rome and now I am starting to second-guess my decision to move to Barcelona. Beaches near barcelona airport Help! I know Barcelona is better for kids (I have 3 – ages 14,12,and 5) because of all the amazing outdoor activities, beaches, etc., but my love of history,food, and the romantic side of Rome has me longing to return. Map of barcelona beaches Any insight about families in Barcelona would be appreciated!!

I have been living in Barcelona for 12 years and one of my favorite places is La Boqueria market. Beach resort near barcelona el prat airport It is located right on the Ramblas next to the famous Liceu Theater (main theater of Barcelona) and just 300 meters from Plaza Catalunya which is the nueralgic center of Barcelona. Barcelona spain beaches photos Despite having become a tourist, it still maintains that neighborhood market spirit, and it does not fail to surprise me with the color, the smells and flavors of this traditional market. Beach hotels near barcelona spain If you come to Barcelona I recommend you do not forget to visit it.