3 days 2 nights bangkok weekend shopping itinerary

Let’s start 2017 with travel itinerary story for Bangkok. Paris france weather in march We have written two Bangkok shopping itinerary and they are 4 Day 3 Nights Bangkok Weekend Shopping Itinerary and Bangkok 5 days 4 nights weekend shopping itinerary. Apartment hotels paris france This is another weekend shopping itinerary in Bangkok but shorter days.

For 3 Days 2 Nights Bangkok Weekend Shopping Itinerary, we have included all the new shopping places and excluded the old ones. Geography of paris france This is for 2017 and not a recycle old weekend shopping itinerary.

For 3 Days 2 Nights Bangkok Weekend Shopping Itinerary, we recommend you to fly to Bangkok on Friday and depart Bangkok on Sunday evening. Places to visit in paris for free You do understand most shopping places such as night markets only open during weekends so it is ideal to visit and shop in Bangkok during weekends! For this itinerary, you only need to take one day leave and shop like a Queen!

We recommend you to stay in Pratunam area. Pictures of paris cakes We know Malaysians and Singaporeans love Pratunam and it is convenient to shop within the area too. Hotel de france paris 7 Thus, we also recommended Top 20 Hotels to stay in Pratunam.

Tips in staying in Pratunam. Places in paris france If you can get taxis using meters here, you can always order a ride from Grab or Uber. Paris france sightseeing Just plan your schedule ahead.

Welcome to Bangkok and you can fly in the morning or afternoon and transfer to check in your hotel. What to see in paris france Always take a shower, get refreshed, warm up your arms and legs, wear the most comfortable shoe / sandal and get ready with your shopping backs.

You only have three days so in short, don’t waste time lar. Wunderground paris france Let’s go shopping in the afternoon. Paris the capital of france For Friday afternoon, we recommend four shopping malls for shopping. Weather in paris france These malls come with many good food and highly recommended restaurants.

Platinum Fashion Mall is located in Pratunam and you can start shopping on day one. Sites in paris france Platinum Fashion Mall is the wholesale shopping haven for many shoppers, traders and tourists. Accor hotels paris france Located in Pratunam, opposite Amari Watergate Hotel and the Pratunam Wholesale Market, Platinum Fashion Mall is a gigantic six storey shopping complex.

You get plenty of different shops selling different things depending on the theme. Pics of paris jackson The things here might not be as cheap as the wholesale market but you get many good local designers clothing as well as other things here.

Not forgetting the Pier 21 food court is probably the cheapest food court in Bangkok. Paris france map google Pier 21 is the food court where the best food stalls in Bangkok meet. Area of paris france The food prices at Pier 21 are as cheap as street food. Paris france places Most of the food item here are less than THB 50 per plate which is a steal.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall also boast to have one of the prettiest toilets in Thailand. Weather paris france november All the toilet system comes with bidet system similar to the ones in Japan. Cities near paris france You can spend hours shopping and venturing the mall.

We listed down six night markets you can visit on Friday evening. Is paris a city in france Three night markets are located in Pratunam and the other three is at different locations. France pictures paris These are the options for you to choose. Paris france tourist spots We do recommend you to visit the three night markets in Pratunam as they are within walking distance from one to another. Travel in paris france The other three night markets, you will need to travel far to visit and the choice will be up to you.

After Platinum Fashion Mall closes at 7pm, just walk out to their brand new initiative, the Platinum Mall Night Market. Attractions paris france The location of the night market is right in front of the building and there are 40 shops selling different items such as fashion, accessories and food.

Probably the smallest night market ever in Bangkok, you can take a look or peep what they selling before head on to your hotel or to the next night market nearby.

Palladium Night Market is the second night market we recommend in Pratunam. Weather paris france 14 day forecast We stumbled upon this night market by chance when we went to Platinum Mall Night Market. Population paris france The night market is located outside of Palladium World Shopping Centre opposite Platinum Shopping Mall and Amari Watergate Hotel. Things to do in paris map They are located at the same street of Centara Watergate Pavilion Hotel in Pratunam.

In short, you just need to walk across the main road and you will reach Palladium Night Market. History of paris france You can use the pedestrian bridge, no point risking your life crossing the roads illegally.

Unlike other night markets, the Palladium Night Market stalls offer many DIY products. Bbc weather paris france You can personalised your own bags or clothes with unique letterings and cute icons. Paris france people We personalised a few clothes for our boys too.

The stalls offer many accessories on top of fashion and we really like their DIY personalised products. Pictures of paris flag It is really good for souvenirs and as usual the prices are very affordable.

This is the latest night market and they will be opening on 1 st December 2016. Is paris in france It is called Talad Neon and it will be opening in between Phetchaburi Road Soi 23 and 29. Things to do in paris tn Talad Neon simply means Downtown Night is owned by the same owner of Platinum Mall and this will be their first new outdoor night market venture in Pratunam. Paris france country They are located next to Palladium Night Market and we will update once we have actual pictures and status of the night market.

For Option 4 to 6, it is far away from Pratunam so it is advisable you choose one night market to visit instead of visiting all. Best things to do in paris france The choice is yours.

We still remember visiting Asiatique The Riverfront for the first time when they open their doors in 2012. Coordinates of paris france How cool to visit a mall by taking free water taxi (boat)? On top of that, Asiatique The Riverfront is used to be the former docks and warehouses of the East Asiatic Company. Accommodation paris france Now, the whole area is converted to shops, restaurants and entertainment outlets.

Talad Rod Fai Srinakarin is located at north east of the city and it is not near the BTS Skytrain stations or MRT Subway stations. Population of paris france today It is located behind Seacon Square Srinakarin,one of the largest shopping malls in Bangkok.

Talad Rot Fad Srinakarin is extremely popular with locals and tourists as it is a huge night market and it offers a huge variety of fashion, food as well as antique items. Pictures of paris france flag The downside is it is far from the city and you need to take a taxi to visit this night market. Cities in paris france If you plan to visit this night market, expect to spend the whole evening. Weather paris france fahrenheit Traveling to there might take some time.

From On Nut BTS station, take a taxi to reach the Seacon Square. Paris france par If not mistaken, it should be around 20 minutes and the taxi fare is around 100 Baht. Pictures of paris france streets The taxi will stop you at the opposite of the Seacon Square and you need to take the pedestrian bridge to cross over.

This is the second Talad Rod Fai Train Market and it is located at Ratchada near Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station. Paris france area This market is not as huge as Talad Rod Fai Srinakarin but you can easily find over hundred stalls here. Is paris in the north of france It has become quite popular with tourists due to its convenience as well as the things they offer in the market.

The market is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 5pm till 1am but I recommend you to come around 7 to 8 pm, as they will take some time to open their stalls from 5 pm. Tripadvisor paris france hotels The best way to reach here is via MRT at Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station.

For convenience, I will prefer to visit Talad Rod Fai 2 Market even though it is smaller. Paris france weather forecast 14 day The market is a cool place to visit as it is cooler at night and there are plenty of things to shop. Weather paris france may You can bargain in this market but most of the items are quite reasonable. 5 star hotels paris france The variety of the food is better than Talad Rod Fai market. Tourist spots in paris france Otherwise, you can eat the fast food at The Esplanade. City of paris france Expect to spend at least an hour shopping here.

Take MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station. Paris france hotels cheap Take Exit no 3 and take left turn and you will see the Esplanade building. Sites to see in paris france The Talad Rod Fai Market 2 is behind Esplanade.

Take a taxi, Grab or Uber back to your hotel, rest as there will be more shopping on the weekends. Paris france pictures Remember to check if there is any room left in your luggage so you can buy a new one on the weekend!

Day two is intense and get your legs and shopping bags ready as it will be a full intense shopping day. Hotel de france paris 18 The reason we recommend you to stay in Pratunam is as there is a very early Pratunam morning market.

This is for early birds only as the market opens from 4 am to 9 am. Hotels paris france near eiffel tower Usually they start to close the stalls by 8.30 am for the usual traders and shops to open at 9 am.

These are sidewalk stalls and they offer mostly things for the girls and also food. 75001 paris france This is also a wholesale market so things are cheaper when you purchase at bulk of three items and above.

There are some pretty decent street food here for breakfast and remember you need to be here early, it is recommended to come here after 5 am.

You don’t need to go anywhere else if you plan to visit the Pratunam Morning Market. Top 10 places to visit in paris france Just stay until 9 am and the Pratunam Wholesale Market will take over. Lodging in paris france You can see the stalls and shops open one by one around 9 am.

The main Pratunam Wholesale Market is located in between Baiyoke Sky Hotel and Platinum Design Mall. Videos of paris france Thus, there are hundreds of shops in this market.

Make sure you remember your way in and out and if you get lost in the market, just ask for directions. In paris france It is pretty cramped in Pratunam Wholesale Market as traders and shoppers walk around with shopping trolleys and bags.

All the items here are for wholesale and you have to buy it at the bulk of minimum three items and above. Tourism in paris france You still can purchase single item at higher price.

You can find female and male fashion clothes, baby clothes, food, accessories and many other things here. Paris france region Just bring your cash for your shopping spree.

For the afternoon session, we recommend two options. Downtown paris france You can either stay in Pratunam area to shop at Platinum Fashion Mall or move to Chatuchak Area.

You can stay back in Pratunam and shop in Platinum Fashion Mall. Paris france on map The mall closes at 7pm and you will have the option to shop at the night markets in Pratunam or you want to move to other night markets. Paris france coordinates You can either choose the night markets we recommend for day one or a few night markets we recommend in Chatuchak / Lat Phrao area. R kipling hotel paris france The choice is in your hands.

Union Mall is located near Chatuchak and it is ideal to visit the mall first as it is air conditioned before you visit the weekend market. Paris to france It can be easily accessible via the MRT Subway.

This shopping mall is small but it has many unique boutique stalls. Paris france weather in december Some called this mall hipster mall as the mall caters to the younger crowd and it is not as busy like the other popular shopping mall. Paris france weather in july The design here is good for teenager, young working adults and you can find many beautiful evening and wedding dresses here at reasonable price.

The boat noodle and the Thai restaurant in this mall is a must visit and must try. Paris france homes Expect to spend hours venturing the mall here and this is not a wholesale mall but you can always try your luck to test your bargaining skills.

Chatuchak is the world’s largest weekend market and if you plan to venture the market, you need to take days. Paris france restaurants After Union Mall, you can spend your afternoon here. Lodging paris france They have directory boards at many places so you can locate what you plan to buy easily. Vacation paris france There are many on ground staffs in the market and the sections are segmented and quite easy to find if you follow the map.

Many of the locals will come here to get their stock. Paris france weather april This is the place for most locals to sell their own items. Info paris france You can find local fashion boutiques, arts, crafts and almost everything in Chatuchak.

There are shipping companies like Fed Ex and DHL so you can ship back your shopping items from here. Places to visit in france besides paris Some people choose and purchase the furniture here and shipped to their respective countries.

Please take note that you can really spend hours and days in Chatuchak Weekend Market. Mapquest paris france The market is also notorious for pickpockets so please take care of your belongings. What country is paris france in There are signs and people telling you to be careful of your bags. Hotel de france paris 12 Most of these pickpockets are not locals.

JJ Mall is a shopping complex located next to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Paris france attractions and sights For those who are dehydrated, you can visit the mall for a short break. Louvre paris france The mall is fully air conditioned and you can find some hidden gems in one of the shops here.

We use to shop in one of the local fashion boutique here selling Japanese inspired design T-Shirts. Best hotels in paris france for couples You can find a couple of popular fast food restaurants here too.

Saturday evening will be focusing on Chatuchak and Lat Phrao area for night markets. Weather paris france 10 day forecast You can stay back at Pratunam area and use back the options we listed for Day One evening or we have listed a few other options for you to choose in Chatuchak and Lat Phrao area.

JJ Green Night Market is also known as Jatujak Green Night Market and they are visible from the BTS Mochit Station. Hotels in paris france 5 star It is just across the road from Chatuchak and it is not a huge night market.

Talad Rod Fai 3 Kaset Nawamin is quite a distance from MRT Lat Phrao and the last time we went there (in September) only 60 – 70% of the stalls are open. Paris france events The decision for you to visit this night market is up to you but as we mention it is quite far away.

The nearest train station is MRT Lat Phrao and you can take a taxi from there. You can also take taxi from the city but it will cost more. Paris is capital of france Remember this is the latest Talad Rod Fai Market so many people still do not know about this place.

You will be flying back today and today you will do the last-minute shopping. Paris france hotel reviews The reason we recommend you to stay in Pratunam it is easier for you to shop here.

What to do in Pratunam in the morning? Shopping of course. Paris france weather in may You can revisit Pratunam Morning Market and shop whatever you need and start to pack and leave to airport if your flight is in the afternoon. Paris france winter This is the main reason you stay in Pratunam, convenience and Pratunam morning market.

Last minute shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall like many others do. Weather paris france 14 day It is safe to shop in Pratunam area if you are running out of time. Paris paris france Remember to plan properly.

Bobae Market has been around for more than 30 years and the Bobae Tower is the pioneer version of Platinum Mall. Information about paris france It is a shopping mall, it is air conditioned and it is the older version of Platinum Mall.

It is an outdoor market and there are sections of the wholesale market selling different items. Paris france weather You can find clothing, fabrics, jewellery, accessories and many more in this wholesale market. Weather paris france august This is the girls shopping haven and you might spend the whole afternoon here.

We will recommend you to pack your luggage in your hotel and get ready to the airport. Paris france sites Remember to pack everything and don’t leave anything behind. Tour bus paris france Sometimes traffic jam is unexpected in Bangkok so go to the airport early.

Transferring to the airport. Hotel d’angleterre paris france Some hotels offer hotel transfer to airport while some hotels do not offer that service. Photos paris france You can ask hotel receptions to order a taxi for you or you can always order a ride from Grab or Uber. Things to do in paris france Choose your best option for a comfortable ride to the airport.

Both Don Mueang International Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport offers really awesome deal in their duty-free shops. Paris in france If you have to claim your VAT refunds, remember to stamp your forms before you enter the immigration and custom and get your refund after that. About paris france If you miss stamping your forms, you will not able to claim back your VAT refunds. Weather network paris france 14 day VAT refunds is applicable to purchase in single receipt for amount more than THB 2000. Paris france weather averages Just be in the airport early.

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