Barcelona hostel reviews

I went on a monthlong tour of Europe in 2005, visiting London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona each for one week. Beaches near barcelona Barcelona was the only city where I made a point to leave early. Best beaches around barcelona It does have its finer points — the Marina and beaches were worth visiting — but the heart of the city, Ramblas, had a very tense, uneasy feeling about it. Best beaches close to barcelona I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew that the city did not have a homey or vacationy feeling about it. Top 5 beaches in barcelona In the evenings, it became apparent very quickly that this area draws a big drunk and wild crowd.

Nudist beaches near barcelona Now, I love drinking and partying myself, but this was not a fun, happy crowd — it was the sort of crowd that brought around lots of crime, drugs, and violence. Best beaches in barcelona for adults I wish I could say that the Cultural scene would save my trip, but that was disappointing too. Beaches of barcelona I was not moved by any one particular structure, and I am easily moved. Best beach resorts near barcelona spain If you find yourself there already, I recommend taking a bus tour of the city, stopping at the interesting spots, and heading to another city. Is there beaches in barcelona I find it very difficult to write this, my own hometown isn’t any more or less interesting, so keep the positive reviews here in mind. Best beach resorts in barcelona spain But there was way too much buzz in the air about how much danger there was, especially for such a small city, to let other people visit here uninformed. Beaches in barcelona in june I was only there four days, but my own experiences included having to lock myself in my hostel room because bands of drunk soccer hooligans (other guests) were looking for people to beat inside the hostel while the staff did nothing, and a friend of mine being ripped off at a bar, kicked out, then having to fight to not to get pulled into a side street on Ramblas, so he would not get shot in an alley by a local drug dealer. Beach resorts near to barcelona No thank you.

I just got back from a five-day trip to Barcelona. Best beach barcelona tripadvisor I must say it was overall a huge disappointment. Good beaches in barcelona First the good. Best beach restaurants barcelona There are many things to see there during the day into the early evening hours. Beaches in barcelona photos The metro system is fairly good overall so it does not take long to get to where you want to go. Barcelona beaches map Taxi cabs fares are also fairly cheap compared to any other place I have been to and should be taken advantage of when you are pressed for time. Best beach hotels near barcelona At night many of the places that were closed or seemed shut down open up and several neighborhoods become lively.

Now for the bad. Top 10 beaches in barcelona The city has a horrendous stench that actually gets worse when you are not in a heavy tourist area. Beaches near barcelona airport I have found that locals take their dogs for walks and allow them to pee and poop right on the sidewalk. Map of barcelona beaches I have also seen locals and tourists doing the same, including vomitting. Beach resort near barcelona el prat airport So if you are wondering where the stench was coming from, now you know. Barcelona spain beaches photos In the tourist areas the Catalan people are mixed in how they treat you, however in the non-tourist areas you can forget about it. Beach hotels near barcelona spain Even if you are of Spanish descent like me and can communicate with them effectively, they treat you poorly overall. Beach barcelona hotels At first I thought it was because I was a tourist, but I found a nice Venezuelan shop owner who (without me asking) began to tell me about the cold Catalan people and how much she hates the city (she’s been there eight years). Barcelona spain beaches pictures Though I did not get anything stolen from me nor did I witness any thefts, I was told horror stories by family who I went there with as well as folks I met there. Beaches near barcelona el prat I never felt safe in the city at all, and I haven’t felt that way about any city since New York in the ’80s. Spain barcelona beaches All in all I would likely never go there again. Beaches in barcelona tripadvisor I would recommend never going, but then again there are some really nice classic sites to visit.

Barcelona was really just a big city. Best beaches barcelona map It has some really amazing sites and a very pretty beach but it isn’t a beautiful coastal city like those in France at all. Quiet beaches near barcelona The streets do not feel safe and the men were absolutely awful. Best beaches of barcelona From what I heard traveling it has a lot to do with blonde hair, but when in Las Ramblas and the surrounding area strangers and especially the shop owners harrassed me. Beaches in barcelona in september They would literally not leave me alone and would follow me out of the stores trying to make me say I would date them and they would offer me huge discounts but not my friend. Beaches in barcelona in may It was so bad we ended up leaving the area and going back to the hostel.

Be careful with your things! My friend’s wallet got stolen on the underground and the thief could just walk away since we had no real proof! And at the beach I actually saw a guy steal a bag from a girl who was sunbathing, pretty sad because I went over to tell her and she started crying, saying it was the second bag that week. Beaches near barcelona spain ALWAYS keep an eye on your stuff and never put it just in your pocket or backpack, hang it around your body with those special little bags and then lock those up! It’s the only way to be sure! Great city besides that.

I have been studying in Barcelona for 6 months now and it´s going to be very hard to leave! It is a bustling city with so much to do. Beach hotels in barcelona spain I would give yourself AT LEAST 3-5 days in Barcelona if you want to explore. Beaches in barcelona Some things that you don’t want to miss: Sagrada Familia, Montjuic, Casa Mila, Picsso Museum, Tibidabo, Parc Guell, the Boqeria (open air market), Jardins de Labrinth, the port, beaches, and take a day trip take the metro up to Montsterat, a 1000 year old monestary on top of a cliff, lots of hiking up there too. Beach near w hotel barcelona YES, the city is smelly, people can be pushy, and I have gotten my bag stolen…but try to look beyond that and appreciate what the city has to offer. W beach barcelona If you are smart and don´t carry your passport or credit cards with you when you are on Las Ramblas especially, you´ll be fine.

PEE-U! This city STINKS!!!! Smelliest city I’ve ever been too. Best beaches in barcelona spain It’s just generally cramped, crowded, dirty, and filthy. Barcelona spain hotels near beach I was really excited to be going to Barcelona, after having so many people tell me how great it was, but totally dissappointed after having spent 6 days there. Beach resorts near barcelona girona I thought it would be a bright, open, airy, mediterranean city with a great climate and interesting people. Are there beaches in barcelona It was the total opposite. Barcelona spain attractions beaches I’ve never seen so many ugly people! And the humidity made New York seem like a paradise. Beaches of barcelona spain I’ll take Madrid any day over Barcelona. Best beaches by barcelona Though I was never robbed, a surprising number of people told me they had their pockets picked. Beaches around barcelona Yes the Sagrada Famillia is magnificent, and ok, I had a GREAT time hanging out in park Ciutadella on Sunday, but overall I wouldn’t go back.

Barcelona is, without a doubt, my favourite city in Europe, it’s hot, seasoned, rich, fun, exciting and very cheap!! Lots of interesting artists doing their thing on the streets, in the parks and of course on the beach. Beaches south of barcelona The atmosphere is more than chilled in this sizzling hot environment… Beaches in barcelona spain top you must go to the sonar festival and enjoy sitting under the palm trees as the early morning sun gradually heats up yet another glorious day. Barcelona beaches in june PS — Rent a car if you can.

If you’re looking for a Barcelona hostel, this is the place to find out everything you need to know to chose the best one. Best beaches in barcelona tripadvisor Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. Best beaches in barcelona It impresses with a maritime setting and is largely influenced by famous architect Gaudi.

The city is divided into ten boroughs. Beaches outside barcelona If you are looking for a Barcelona hostel, there are several options. Best beaches north of barcelona Ciutat Vella is made up by countless alleyways and resembles a labyrinth; it features impressive gothic architecture and Las Ramblas, the main shopping strip. Best beaches near barcelona spain Eixample is an upscale quarter with lots of Art Nouveau buildings designed by Gaudi or Montaner. Beach resorts near barcelona airport Sant Marti used to be a small village inhabited by fisherman and still has this flair; it is stunningly located near the waterfront. Costa brava beaches near barcelona If you like to stay in a hostel in a more quiet area of Barcelona, head to Montjuic in the western part of the city.

Barcelona is served by three airports, Barcelona, Girona, and Reus. Barcelona best beaches It is most convenient to fly into Barcelona since this is closest to the city, but you might find a much cheaper flight if you are willing to fly into Girona or Reus. Barcelona beaches in july Getting to your hostel in Barcelona or around the city is easy, there is a comprehensive public transport system in place.

While you are in Barcelona, explore Gaudi and his mind-blowing oeuvre, the legendary Sagrada Familia. Best beach holidays near barcelona And take a stroll in Park Guell and visit Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, all of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Beaches in barcelona city Take a day or two to explore the top-notch art museums such as Museu Picasso, Museu Joan Miro, and Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA). Beach resorts near barcelona spain Enjoy a sunny day at the harbour and indulge yourself in Spanish coffee culture.