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Photo Courtesy – FiscalStrength [dot] com(WASHINGTON) — Forty-five people have signed a letter to President Obama asking him to allow the Bush-era tax cuts to expire at the end of this year. Reservation hotel berlin The president gets many letters like that. Adlon hotel berlin But what was unusual about this petition was who signed it — including the Grammy Award-nominated DJ MOBY, as well as Jerry Cohen of Ben-and-Jerry’s-Ice-Cream fame.

“The Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength” wrote a 155-word letter saying they hope their taxes will increase beginning in January.

Hotel pension berlin Its text is posted at Berlin hotel hauptbahnhof It says:

“For the fiscal health of our nation and the well-being of our fellow citizens, we ask that you allow tax cuts on incomes over $1,000,000 to expire at the end of this year as scheduled. Check in hotel berlin We make this request as loyal citizens who now or in the past earned an income of $1,000,000 per year or more.”

The millionaires say they were not surreptitiously funded by a labor party but that they organized of their own volition, with coordination by the political strategy group the Agenda Project.

“This is not an orchestrated campaign,” said Erica Payne, founder of the Agenda Project. Berlin hotel near airport Payne said a few of the signatories with whom she’s familiar contacted her and asked for her help in coordinating the millionaires. Hotel berlin potsdamer platz Payne said the White House, California Rep. Hotel zentrum berlin Nancy Pelosi and Nevada Sen. Berlin hotel transit Harry Reid, among other elected officials, began receiving the letter last Monday and are “aware” of the petition.

Senate Democrats announced Friday that they will introduce a bill next month that will extend tax breaks for many individuals and businesses. Hotel adlon berlin wikipedia If those tax cuts extend to the middle class, Payne, who said the millionaires’ campaign is advocating for the economic health of the entire country, said that would be “one win under the belt.”

Notwithstanding the advice of the celebrity armchair economists, critics claim the expiration of the Bush tax cuts will target small businesses — considered to be the engine of the stalled American economy.

Photo Courtesy – Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Many retailers are already offering so-called Black Friday deals, and that may be one of the reasons a new survey shows fewer Americans than usual will be hitting the stores on Black Friday weekend this year.

A survey by Consumer Reports shows some 102 million Americans intend to go to the mall on Black Friday — that’s the Friday after Thanksgiving — or on the three days following. Flug u hotel berlin But that figure is roughly 16 million fewer than last year.

Photo Courtesy – Getty Images(NEW YORK) — The federal government is reportedly set to wind up a three-year insider trading investigation that could shake the investment world to its roots.

The Wall Street Journal on Saturday previewed what could be multiple charges against consultants, investment bankers, hedge fund and mutual fund traders who allegedly engaged in insider trading rings, reaping tens of millions of dollars. Berlin hotel zavelstein Some charges could be leveled by the end of the year.

Experts are quoted as saying if the investigation is as large in scope as it appears, it could have the biggest impact of any probe of its kind in history. Hotel adlon berlin film It could reveal whether non-public information is routinely passed along by consultants for so-called expert networks, providing an investment edge to hedge fund managers and mutual fund traders.

Charges could be both federal and civil in nature. Vuelo y hotel berlin The Journal says sources confirm a federal grand jury in New York has heard evidence in the matter but it is not clear what, if any, charges may follow.

Photo Courtesy – TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images(LISBON, Portugal) — During a break from sessions on NATO and Afghanistan, President Obama got a look at a plug-in hybrid car on display at the convention center in Lisbon.

The electric/gas vehicle is an Opel Ampera, produced in Detroit where the GM Chevy Volt is made. Berlin berlin hotel It has the same technology as the Volt and both will be marketed in Europe starting in late 2011, according to Guillermo Sarmiento, managing director of GM Portugal, and Volker Hoff, vice president of Opel.

The president sat in the driver’s seat and got an explainer on the car from Hoff. Berlin 4 sterne hotel The president noted to reporters watching the demonstration that the engine was silent – “Can’t hear it, can you?” he asked.

President Obama noted that Portugal has placed an emphasis on the vehicles, offering subsidies. Hotel berlin 10117 He said he hopes that GM will market this car “all across Europe.”

Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. Hotel adlon berlin germany Photo Courtesy – USDA dot gov(WASHINGTON) — The Senate Friday decided to provide funding as relief to the country’s black farmers who have experienced discrimination in the farming industry.

The government approved funding for the settlement agreement on a class action suit originally filed in 1997 by farmer Timothy Pigford, who was later joined in the suit by 400 other African American farmers, against the Department of Agriculture citing instances of descrimination.

“This announcement marks a major milestone in USDA’s efforts to turn the page on a sad chapter in our history,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in a written statement.

Vilsack added that Civil rights is a “top priority,” which has prompted him to implement a program that will ensure customers are treated fairly and equally.

Photo Courtesy – Getty Images(SANFORD, Fla.) — Buyers in the market for a new car are familiar with dealer promotions like zero percent financing or free extended warranties. Berlin hotel fish tank But a truck dealership in central Florida has a “Buy a truck, get a free AK-47” deal, to the distress of some gun control advocates.

Nations Trucks in Sanford, Fla. Berlin hotel spa began offering $400 vouchers last week for its truck buyers to redeem at a nearby gun store. 1 sterne hotel berlin The general sales manager, Nick Ginetta, said sales have tripled since the start of the promotion.

“First and foremost, we did this to coincide with our customer base,” said Ginetta, who said his showroom displays deer heads and other hunting decor with its 4×4, diesel trucks and diesel sport utility vehicles. Berlin hotel design “My customers are sportsmen. Berlin hotel prices They go hunting, fishing, and four wheel driving.”

Ginetta initially scheduled the promotion to run until the end of November, but said he may extend it through the end of the year because of customer response.

Customers who want the semi-automatic firearm may redeem the vouchers at Shoot Straight, a gun store in the nearby town of Apopka. 5 sterne hotel berlin mitte Ginetta said all customers must undergo a standard state and federal background check before doing obtaining a firearm. Hotel berlin tegel Instead of receiving a voucher, customers can also receive a $400 markdown on their truck, or purchase other items at Shoot Straight if they choose not to obtain an AK-47.

Ginetta said he chose to highlight an AK-47 weapon in part because of its controversy as a notoriously commanding weapon. Berlin hotel kolumbus Ginetta said he doubts he would receive as much media attention from local and foreign media if he had chosen a less contentious firearm such as a pistol.

“My obvious intention was to sell more trucks, but now it’s a Second Amendment issue,” said Ginetta, who is a firearm owner, though not of an AK-47.

The reaction to the promotion has been positive overall, but 20 percent of calls to the store are citizens concerned about safety, according to Ginetta.

The Sanford police department has not received any complaints, said Sgt. Estrel hotel berlin David Morgenstern, but he is alarmed that the redeemed guns could get into the wrong hands.

According to the Wall Street Journal, insurers are using consumer-marketing data to estimate a person’s risk for illness. Bahn u hotel berlin Information from online and offline purchases, along with data from public records such as hunting permits and property transfers are all being used to conduct the risk assessment.

One company, Aviva, examined data from 60,000 of its recent insurance applicants, and found that a “predictive modeling” system proved to be convincing in its ability to arrive at similar results that traditional techniques would. N h hotel berlin mitte That test was conducted by Deloitte Consulting, and estimated the risk for illnesses such as high blood pressure and depression.