Catching up with the evans siblings _ revelstoke mountaineer

Super sibling duo Leah and Brodie Evans are at the top of their game. Patagonia nz Leah, a pro big mountain skier and brother Brodie, a pro sledder, call Revelstoke home. Patagonia sale europe I had the chance to chat with them to discover what they have in store this winter, to reminisce about their past experiences and to quiz them about each other Leah

Seven years ago Leah Evans packed her skis and moved to Revelstoke.

Patagonia argentina wikipedia “I wasn’t loving Whistler and I had heard from my good friend Izzy Lynch, who lived in Revelstoke, that it was a gold rush of skiing,” Leah says. Patagonia outlet locations Leah Evans in some Revelstoke powder. What stores sell patagonia Photo: Zoya Lynch

A pro big mountain skier, Leah has been competing, filming and travelling for the past several years. Patagonia store miami “I like the idea of being a renaissance woman when it comes to skiing and doing lots of different things,” she laughs. Is patagonia a country These different things include her partnership with Patagonia, which has given her more creative freedom in the industry. Patagonia country This winter, Leah will be producing and skiing in a film for the company. Patagonia online coupon “I’m still very much into the ski action,” she explains. Patagonia on map “But I love having creative projects as well.”

In addition to being a pro skier, Leah is the founder of Girls Do Ski. Patagonia mountains chile Based in Revelstoke and Golden, Girls do Ski attracts a national and international clientele. Big foot patagonia “The goal is to have camps for women between 25 and 35 where we do the physical work of skiing and the mental work of self belief as well,” she says.

Eager to give back to the industry that has been so important to her, Leah offers a not for profit side of Girls do Ski called 12 under 20, a free avalanche-level one course for young women. Patagonia capital When it comes to the ski industry, Leah Evans is on the rise. Patagonia cloths Brodie

One of the most well known sledders around, 24-year-old Brodie has a reputation for big air jumping and has been a regular in 509 Films and Slednecks videos for the past three years. Patagonia argentina tourism Though a pro sledder, Brodie considers himself a skier first and is gravitating to mountain biking in the summer and more ski-based winters. Patagonia mountains “Really, I want to be an all season athlete,” he says. Patagonia place Brodie Evans. Patagonia outlet california Photo: Ryen Dunford

“This winter will look different than any previous ones I’ve had,” explains Brodie, who has spent the last seven months rehabilitating from an overuse shoulder injury and has no plans to reinjure it any time soon. Patagonia about The summer has been about growing up, Brodie says, and listening to his body. Patagonia people Although he has filming plans in the works for the winter, Brodie is planning to keep it mellow. Wildlife in patagonia “I’m going to not do quite as much jumping, so I can make it more sustainable and so I don’t miss summer,” he says.

An apprentice carpenter nearly ready to take his journeyman’s ticket, sledder Brodie Evans has lots of love for Revelstoke. Patagonia annual sale “I moved here for a few different reasons,” he says. Where is the patagonia region “My sister was here. Patagonia argentina climate Plus it’s kind of the next step up from Rossland, where I grew up. Patagonia wiki A bigger mountain and better snow.”

What does Leah see in her crystal ball for Brodie? “I think Brodie is making his dream happen. Jackets like patagonia I haven’t told him this. Patagonia outlet I think someday he is going to make an amazing family man. Map patagonia argentina He has these incredible experiences and the ability to relate and share them with people.” Through the years

Leah: For Leah, growing up in a ski town and being a part of the Nancy Greene race program from a young age means she has no one specific memory. How to travel to patagonia “I was just so very in love with racing,” she explains. Patagonia inc “I wanted to be Nancy Greene.” 2002

Brodie: Around the age of ten, Brodie’s dad took him touring for the first time. Where is patagonia arizona The two headed up Grey Mountain, near the resort (there is now a chair there). Patagonia clothing logo “It was my first time in wreckers,” Brodie says. Patagonia mountain range “I could hardly skin up.” Brodie battled with electrical tape to keep his skins on as he and his father dealt with low visibility fog. Patagonia on line The two of them skinned up the mountain and promptly dropped in the wrong side, skiing down to the creek drainage in the valley bottom. Patagonia sale boston “It was a mission. Patagonia map My first time out and it was a 12-hour day and super late at night by the time we made it out. Patagonia retail stores I remember skiing beside the Red Mountain snowcats on the way back,” he recalls. Patagonia information First big mountain memory 1999/2000

Leah: When Leah was 12 years old, her family made the difficult decision to pull Leah from the race program. Patagonia headquarters address Leah, a talented young racer who had represented Rossland at provincials and nationals, was heartbroken. Patagonia location “I was just shell shocked by the revelation I wouldn’t be able to race,” Leah says. Patagonia in stores “I started skiing with my friends who snowboarded, which is when I really started skiing powder. Where is patagonia located on a map It turns out quitting racing was probably the best thing for me; I just wanted to be a pow skier.” 2006

Brodie: “I was with my best friend Shane Davies. Location of patagonia He had a couple older sleds his dad bought, and we were bombing around farm fields.” With a knack for dramatic first time outs when it comes to sports, Brodie, using the sled but not knowing what he was doing, blew the drive belt. Where are patagonia clothes made “I completely grenaded this sled and was stuck in the field,” he laughs. Video patagonia First move towards their pro careers 2006(ish)

Leah: Offered a full field hockey scholarship to university in the United States, Leah left after her first year. South patagonia “I knew what I wanted,” she explains. Patagonia in chile “I knew I needed to commit to skiing and see where it took me. Patagonia on a map So many people feel lost in their lives, not knowing what they really want to do or be, but I’ve always known. Where is the patagonia located I consider quitting university to commit to skiing the first real step in my becoming a pro skier, it’s when I set up my goals and put them into motion.” 2011

Brodie: “I never really had a plan,” Brodie says. Patagonia city “I was just doing whatever sports felt right. Where is patagonia sold I never really had any pressure, so it took a couple years to form me into what I am now. Patagonia sale canada A lot of it was being in the right place at the right time with the right people,” he explains modestly. Who owns patagonia “I was just riding along with a friend who was filming, and we ended up creating a segment. Patagonia when to go It progressed from there.”