Changes in hotel reservations procedures for 2017

There will be a few very important changes in the way hotel reservations (for the Estrel) are going to work in 2017. Berlin berlin hotel We know there will be a terrible rush for rooms again, and unfortunately that is not something we can change. Berlin 4 sterne hotel But we can make the process smoother and fairer for everyone. Hotel berlin 10117 This is what is going to change:

1) Hotel reservations will not open at the same time as EF registiation (January 7th, 20:00 MET), but approximately one week later.

Hotel adlon berlin germany (January 16th, 09:00 MET)

3) A credit card will be required for your reservation. Berlin hotel fish tank (On site payment options using cash, Maestro/girocard or credit cards remain unchanged)

But before you fire up your twitter clients to tell the world how evil we are for throwing everyone without a credit card under the bus, please hear me out and let me give an explanation why we are making these changes.

1) Decoupling start of hotel reservations from registration. Berlin hotel spa The opening of our registration traditionally created a pretty stressful night for everyone involved because you first had to hammer your F5 key to get yourself into the queue as early as possible, and then wait into the early morning hours for your manual registration approval before being able to book a hotel room. 1 sterne hotel berlin Also, we used to hit the hotel with four figures of reservations on a weekend, when their offices are only staffed with minimal crew. Berlin hotel design We can change neither supply nor demand, but we will try to make the process less stressful for everyone by removing the pressure to register within minutes, and moving the initial reservation rush to a weekday, when the hotel can handle it more easilly.

2) You might have noticed that before EF22, online reservations were barely available for 24 hours, and then had to be shut down, leading to a rather chaotic and unsatisfactory situation for everyone. Berlin hotel prices What you need to know is that online reservations are handled by an external service provider, and their database is completely separate from the Estrel’s internal booking database. 5 sterne hotel berlin mitte The hotel will typically assign a certain contingent of rooms to the online system, a different contingent to manual reservations, and then re-assign capacities between the two as time goes by. Hotel berlin tegel Eurofurence however typically burns through the entire booking capacity within hours, and if we did the “two separate room allocations” approach, at some point one system would tell you the hotel is booked out, although the hotel might actually still be half empty. Berlin hotel kolumbus So the Estrel decided put all available rooms on the website, but had to shut it down promptly because reservations came flooding in through both systems equally, creating a serious danger of overbooking. Estrel hotel berlin On top of that, manual reservations created a massive workload, creating days worth of backlog, while guests who booked online got their confirmations instantly, putting them at a clear advantage. Bahn u hotel berlin It was a mess.

And that is why, for EF23, only online reservations will be accepted. N h hotel berlin mitte This way, we can put the entire room block into one system, we avoid a lot of unnecessary work, your reservation will be instant, and there will be no second-class reservations. Berlin hotel hilton If the web site tells you the Estrel is full, it is full. Berlin hotel rotdorn No guessing or multiple phone calls. Hotel deals in berlin (Waiting list requests will be allowed after the room block sells out. Berlin hotel ibis This year, everyone on the waiting list could be served.)

3) Online reservation requires some sort of verification/authentication, and that is your credit card number. Hotel booking berlin The web site will check your card’s validity. Berlin hotel checkpoint charlie No money will be blocked or withdrawn. Berlin hotel otto There are no other instant verification methods this service provider offers. Berlin hotels map If you do not own a credit card you will either have to get one yourself, have a friend with a credit card book the room for you, or use someone else’s credit card with their permission. Hotel berlin in berlin We have been assured that prepaid cards will also work. Berlin hotel with pool We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we totally understand those affected might be not be very happy about this announcement. Berlin hotel with fish tank But taking all things into account, we think it’s the lesser evil. Hotel adlon berlin tv serie We are telling you now, so you have time to prepare. Berlin hotel aquarium Note that the actual payment still takes place on checkout, and you can still use cash, girocard/Maestro, and any major credit card to pay your hotel bill.

(Note: As always, some rooms that are not part of our own room block will be available through third party booking agencies. Hotel berlin zentrum 4 sterne Booking a room through third party sites is perfectly legitimate, but these agencies operate on their own terms and conditions.)