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I took Grand Circle’s Danube Christmas Market tour this past December. Best river boat cruises in europe It started in Nurmberg and ended in Vienna. Best river cruise lines europe I do not consider myself the type of person who would enjoy cruising, but I had a great time! The service was exceptional. River cruises of europe There were 120 of us; but we were divided into 4 groups, each with its own Program Director, for land tours, which I appreciated.

Family river cruises europe I enjoy independent walking and the Program Directors gave me ideas on where to walk. River cruises europe august 2014 They really do want to ensure you have a great time and your needs are met. Best river cruises europe 2015 Food was great. River cruises europe october 2013 I am a vegetarian and the chefs and kitchen staff went out of their way to provide vegetarian food I would enjoy. Avalon european cruises 2015 One day I didn’t like the vegetarian option that was available and I asked if there were leftovers from the previous night (which was tofu). River cruises europe viking They told me to request the “Chef’s vegetarian special.” Was I ever surprised and delighted to see that they had prepared a special tofu meal for me that was not the same as the previous night’s. River cruises europe 2015 There was always something happening in the evenings too: hearing a boy’s choir in Regensburg, a staff talent show (hilarious!), and hearing a local musician (also a great time). The best river cruises in europe One of my highlight’s was seeing some of the sites where Sound of Music was filmed. River cruises europe november 2015 But there were so many other memorable moments, such as visiting the romantic Christmas Markets. River cruises europe christmas I do not consider myself a shopper, but I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the one in Regensburg that was held within the grounds of a castle complete with lit torches, open fires, and traditional artisans. Avalon waterway cruises europe It felt like I was living in a more simple time, ages ago. River cruises europe last minute deals It was definitely another highlight of a trip that was filled with so many of them.

I can provide more information to you and give you information on how you can receive a discount. River cruises europe companies Please do let me know if you have any questions.

For cold: hat, gloves (wish I brought warmer ones too), winter coat (wish I had a long one that extended beyond my waist), and thermal long underwear underneath my pants sometimes when I was on deck (REI and Campmor sell as do other outing goods stores). Avalon river cruises europe reviews It was not uncomfortably cold except when I was on the bridge deck taking in the views, including at night. River cruises europe danube During the days, it didn’t feel too cold. River cruises europe vacations to go But you know how unpredictable winter can be!

On land enough? I thought so. Avalon waterways magnificent europe cruise If the boat was docked, I could take off on my own too, before the group tours. River cruises europe comparison And I skipped lunch a few times to enjoy more time on land. Avalon waterways european river cruises The day before the last we were on the boat much of the afternoon (after a stop at Melk Abbey) but we were traveling through Wachau Valley, which was absolutely gorgeous. Best cruises europe I considered it another highlight of the trip. Avalon european river cruises 2014 And I really enjoyed taking in the views from the deck (despite the cold!) There were also “discovery” series (bread making, glass blowing, and others) talks when we were traveling during the day. River cruises europe deals I didn’t partake but my fellow travelers seemed to enjoy these activities. Best river cruises europe 2016 GCT published their schedule (when the boat arrives and departs from ports) on their website. Best river cruise deals europe I don’t see it on their website right now but you can probably request it (or last year’s). Best river cruises of europe At first I thought I wouldn’t have enough time on shore, but I was pleased with everything. Avalon river cruises europe 2017 Keep in mind, too, that I would often leave the boat before official tours and stay out at night with others if there was an opportunity to enjoy the Christmas markets. River cruises europe late deals There were other days we were traveling for part of the day, but it did not seem to be for a long time and there is plenty to do onboard (massage, read, board games, discovery series talks, socialize, sauna, take in views…). River cruises europe may 2016 I just loved that I could sleep in and not have to pack and unpack every day (as I would for land tour only where I would need to change lodging).

I got lucky with my cabin. Best value river cruises europe I requested a roommate and my last minute deal had me on the 2nd of 3 decks. Ship cruises europe I thought that was nice ** but ** I wasn’t in my room a lot and being on the bottom deck with its smaller round window would have been OK too. Best prices on river cruises in europe The 3rd floor rooms have balconies but for me that was not important – I didn’t really want to spend much time alone and in privacy. Avalon cruises europe 2014 The boat I was on (M/S Adagio) had glass windows from about 2-3 feet up from the floor to ceiling in the lounge and dining areas so I had obstructed views of the scenery when I wanted it (when I didn’t want to go on the bridge deck). Avalon river cruises europe 2016 So it depends upon what you are looking to do and with what you are comfortable.

Discounts: first get yourself added to the email lists for GCT and Viking. Avalon boat cruises europe You will be informed of deals. River cruises europe offers Right now both are having deals (for example: free air with Viking, 10% off Christmas tours with GCT). Best river cruises in europe And they have deals throughout the year. River cruises europe luxury For GCT you can indicate what cruises you are specifically interested and they will send you emails and mail related specifically to that. Avalon cruises in europe Also I will email you (using TripAdvisor’s email option) how you can get $100 off through a referral program. Best river cruises europe GCT is good that way; but I think if you find someone that traveled with Viking, that Viking also has a referral program.

Which to go with? I haven’t traveled with Viking but a Viking ship was docked next to us for a good percentage of the trip. Avalon river cruises europe They go farther (in the same number of days as GCT for the Christmas cruises) to the areas you want to see ( Budapest) but you would need to check with them regarding the impact of that on how much time you spend on land. 5 star river cruises europe I did like Viking’s Christmas tour too — at least what I read of it.

I might suggest reading the itineraries for both cruises on their websites and checking trip reviews. Viking river cruises europe I would say each traveler might see differently on the same cruise, depending upon what each is looking for. River cruises europe august 2015 That said, GCT will work with you to help ensure that your expectations and needs are met. Avalon river cruises europe 2015 I know some travelers who did their own thing before and/or following the cruise yet GCT arranged the airfare anyway. River cruises europe december 2015 So, perhaps you could go to Munich and Budapest independently and do a tour there if that interests you. River cruises europe tripadvisor But you have to let GCT know what you want so they can support you. What are the best river cruises in europe At least that is my experience with them (I wanted additional time between flights in case of flight delays and GCT was able to accommodate that).

Last: I would say follow your heart in making a decision – don’t go first with the trip that is cheapest (nor even based solely on what I or anyone else says – in fact, I hope you won’t go based solely on what I say!) but with the one that seems right to you.