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CroisiEurope ( Alsace Croisières until 1997), is an international river cruise company. Best river cruises of europe It operates a fleet of river cruising vessels along the rivers of Europe, Russia, Mekong, Birmania, Africa, South America and United States.

Gérard Schmitter [2] [3] [4] founded the company in 1976.

Avalon river cruises europe 2017 In 1982, he chartered his first boat, the Alsace, and 1984 saw his first cabin boats. River cruises europe late deals [5]

In 1986, the first “Prestige” category boat, the Kellerman, came into being. River cruises europe may 2016 [6] In 1990 the company became the owner of its own fleet. Best value river cruises europe In 1991 a new office in Paris was opened, and 1993 saw the launch of the first Danube cruises, followed in 1995 and 1997 by the first Rhône and Saône cruises. Ship cruises europe [7] Initially called Alsace Croisières, the company became CroisiEurope in keeping with its expansion outside France. Best prices on river cruises in europe [8]

In 1998 it launched its first cruises on the Seine. Avalon cruises europe 2014 [9] In 1999, the founder, Gérard Schmitter, handed the reins of the company over to his four children – Patrick, Philippe, Christian and Anne-Marie. Avalon river cruises europe 2016 [10]

In 2000, the North/South European axis was developed; in 2001 the company opened an office in Lyon. Avalon boat cruises europe [11] 2002 saw the launch of the first cruises on the Douro in Portugal. River cruises europe offers [12] The Brussels branch was opened in 2002, followed by one in Nice in 2003, the same year as the launch of the MS Fernao da Magalhaes in Porto, [13] and the MS Leonardo da Vinci in Venice. Best river cruises in europe [14] In 2004, CroisiEurope embarked on the conquest of the Danube. River cruises europe luxury [15]

The company celebrated its 30th birthday in 2006, and in 2007 it became an official agent for CroisiMer. Avalon cruises in europe [16] A new branch opened in Lausanne in 2008. Best river cruises europe [17] In 2009, the MS Vivaldi was launched on the Danube. Avalon river cruises europe In 2010, the company created the CroisiYacht [18] brand and launched cruises on the Volga.

In 2011, CroisiEurope celebrated its 35th anniversary and offered new cruises on the Gironde and the Garonne departing from Bordeaux. 5 star river cruises europe [19] 2012 will see the construction of a new boat that will sail on the Rhine. Viking river cruises europe [20]

In 2013, CroisiEurope introduced Jeanine [21] to the Canals of France. River cruises europe august 2015 Completely rebuilt from the bottom up, the ship has the capacity for 24 guests and features modern, stylish staterooms similar to a larger ship. Avalon river cruises europe 2015 [22] Jeanine has been so successful that another three sister-ships are currently under construction. River cruises europe december 2015 [23]

After being a leader in the European river cruising market for decades, [24] CroisiEurope began offering its services to the North American market in 2013. River cruises europe tripadvisor The company hired a New York-based public relations firm and in 2014 hired a director of sales for marketing in the United States. What are the best river cruises in europe [25]

In March 2014, CroisiEurope acquired the river cruise company Compagnie Fluviale du Mékong, or CFM, which operates on the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia. Best river cruise lines in europe 2014 [26] As part of the acquisitions, CroisiEurope gained four new colonial-style ships. River cruises europe jobs The vessels offer cruising along the Mekong River, between Cambodia and Vietnam, from August to April.

Also in March 2014, CroisiEurope christened the MS Lafayette, [27] which sails along the Rhine in Strasbourg, France. Avalon cruises europe The ship was named after the French general whose support played a substantial role in securing American independence. River cruises europe 2016 [28] It features more spacious cabins and offers exclusive excursions to Mainau Island, Mainz, the Black Forest and the Titisee, Strasbourg and Aix-la-Chapelle or Aachen. Avalon waterways european cruises [29] Two hotel barges, MS Anne-Marie [30] and MS Madeleine, [31] were also christened. Avalon cruises europe 2015 [32]

That same year the company launched 3 brand new ships, built in Saint-Nazaire by Neopolia. Reviews of avalon river cruises in europe Those ships are 5 anchors and among them, there’s the first waterwheels of the company, the “MS Loire Princesse”. Best river cruises europe 2014 Tech that allows it to cruise on the low waters of the Loire.

CroisiEurope currently has a fleet of 43 [33] Prestige category boats that cruise all of Europe’s rivers. Best river cruises in europe 2014 Accommodation capacity varies from 100 to 180 passengers depending on the ship’s design. River cruises europe october 2014 The ship’s facilities offer cutting edge technology, comfort and safety. Best river cruise companies for europe [34]

The CroisiEurope fleet is carefully maintained and partially renovated each year, being mostly made up of recently built vessels that are less than five years old. Best deals on river cruises in europe All ships have Veritas certifications. Best river cruises europe reviews [35]

French is the primary language spoken on the ships, although most staff members also speak English and other European languages. River cruises europe december 2014 Ship announcements are made in French and in English. Best river cruises in europe 2015 [36]

Like most Europe river lines, CroisiEurope provides wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner year-round and offers unlimited drinks—including house spirits—during the high season from April to October. Avalon river cruises europe 2013 [38]

In France, CroisiEurope sails on the Seine, the Rhône, the Saône, the Gironde, the Meuse, and the Rhine; in Italy, on the Po; in Spain, on the Guadalquivir; in Portugal, on the Guadiana and the Douro; in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, on the Rhine; in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, and Romania, on the Danube; and in Germany, on the Havel and the Oder.

CroisiEurope also has a coastal ship, the MS Belle de l’Adriatique, which operates in March, April, May, June, September, and October in the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia, in July and August in the Cyclades in Greece, and from November to February in the Canary Islands.

Furthermore, three other cruise ships are chartered by the company on the Volga between Moscow and Saint Petersburg (and return), and another on the Mekong, from Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City) to Angkor and return.

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