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Europe is a continent rich in history and cultural diversity. River cruises europe december 2014 Each nation has its own climate, population, social structure, political system and economy. Best river cruises in europe 2015 This is what makes European cruise travel so alluring. Avalon river cruises europe 2013 Discover something new and try something different at each port-of-call.

Venture north to Iceland and discover the true origin of “the Viking spirit.” Island hop your way across the Mediterranean, take a wine tour through Tuscany, pick truffles in the south of France or escape west to the Canary Islands. Conde nast best river cruises in europe It’s all possible on a European cruise holiday.

Explore the cradle of civilisation, leading centres of fashion and idyllic islands on a cruise around the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula.With shores on three continents, the Mediterranean and Iberian Peninsula offer a wide variety of experiences within a short distance. Avalon river boat cruises europe You could be sipping sangria in the Costa del Sol before heading to the bustling markets of Morocco, or tour the islands of ancient Greek myths before moving on to Israel and Jordan.Step off the pier in Europe’s most fashionable cities to indulge in some retail therapy or stroll along the seafront of the Côte d’Azur, admiring dramatic coastal scenery and ancient man-made wonders on a personalised cruise that matches your interests and your budget.

Head north and see a different side of Europe, from the picturesque fjords of Norway and lava fields of Iceland to the Viking and Imperial heritage of the Baltic capitals.Norway’s coast is best viewed from the deck of a cruise ship or inside of a kayak, allowing you to enter the narrowest passages and get up close to puffins, seals and other wildlife on your way to the Arctic Circle.Cruises of Northern Europe have risen in popularity recently, with more international cruise lines adding routes around the Baltic Sea, Iceland and Norway’s North Cape departing from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

Situated between the continents of Europe and Africa, the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores, Canary Islands, Cape Verde and Madeira are renowned as stunning natural wonderlands.These diverse islands feature a surprising variety of landscapes for nature lovers, from rainforests to deserts and volcanic crater lakes. Best luxury river cruises in europe Their southerly location means they enjoy year-round sunshine, making them a popular escape from the cold winters of Northern Europe.Many summer cruise routes combine the major islands of Madeira, Gran Canaria and Tenerife with destinations on Europe’s Atlantic Coast; the perfect way to include tours of France’s wine country, Portugal’s Algarve and the United Kingdom.

Norwegian Cruise Lines, Viking Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Sea Cruises, and MSC Cruises are just some of the cruise lines that operate routes throughout Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Western Europe, the Mediterranean and Baltic region. River cruises europe amsterdam to black sea Trip lengths vary between carriers. Avalon waterways european river cruises reviews Room types vary from modern, well-furnished cabins to deluxe suites, with a host of accommodation options available for families. Avalon cruises europe 2016 Best time to go?

Mediterranean – Regional cuisine, fresh seafood, local wines, warm weather and phenomenal scenery all compete for your attention on board a Mediterranean cruise. River cruises europe may 2015 Sightseeing in Rome, island-hopping in Greece, Tapas in Barcelona – the list of highlights never ceases to amaze. Best deals river cruises europe Longer journeys allow passengers to immerse themselves in the ultimate Mediterranean experience.

Europe’s West – From rainforests and giant lakes to desert sand dunes and tropical beaches, there’s no better way to explore Western Europe and beyond than on a cruise ship. Best river cruises in europe reviews Besides the main islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Madeira, many summer cruises include Portugal’s Algarve region, as well as French wine country. Avalon river cruises in europe There’s also cruises that take in Morocco, as well as circumnavigating the Spanish and Portuguese coastlines.

Northern Europe – Experience the rich history, warm hospitality and natural wonders of Scandinavia and the Baltic region on board a northern European cruise. River cruises europe june 2015 Bathe in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, eat Reindeer salami in Stock