European river cruise packing list__

There are lots of cobblestone streets and side walks so bring very good shoes. Best river cruise lines in europe 2014 I would bring jeans, five tops, one good pair of slacks, one nice outfit. River cruises europe jobs light jacket and one sweater plus my accessories. Avalon cruises europe I try to limit my carry bags to one large tote just in case I see something, (haha, like I won’t). River cruises europe 2016 A backpack is good too, my daughter does that.

Avalon waterways european cruises I’d bring my Ipad and phone plus ear plugs in the event there is loud noise around, some moleskin always goes with me lest my shoes hurt, otc meds that I might need, all my vitamins and rxs, my epi pen. Avalon cruises europe 2015 I know, it’s a pain to remember everything but I travel often and keep a list and then pack the list to make sure I have everything when I leave.

I carried a purse but didn’t keep any valuables in it. Reviews of avalon river cruises in europe Instead, both DH and I got the hidden waist wallets for our passports and money. Best river cruises europe 2014 Friends of ours did run into “gypsies” who ripped off one of their travelmates of a major chunk of cash.

I had a couple of light weight but long scarves which I got a lot of use out of. Best river cruises in europe 2014 In the a.m. River cruises europe october 2014 it might be cool or on a bus or in a restaurant and I could wrap my arms for churches and such. Best river cruise companies for europe But outside, if it was hot, I was able to just tie it around my purse strap and I was good to go. Best deals on river cruises in europe It also worked great for a dressy wrap in the evening as usually on these cruise things the first night and the last night are a little dressier.

I always work so hard on my wardrobe for vacation, esp when I’m going to be with the same group of people for the whole time. Best river cruises europe reviews But then I realize how ridiculous it is…I can’t remember one single outfit someone else was wearing on any particular day…heck, I have a hard enough time remembering their name. River cruises europe december 2014 One exception was one couple we met on our last trip. Best river cruises in europe 2015 For the dressier occasions, he brought along his old ratty sport jacket as he said this was the last he was wearing it and he was going to toss it and make more room in the suitcase for souvenirs.

I don’t do anything special with or about money or documents. Avalon river cruises europe 2013 I have landed in pretty exotic countries with almost no cash, assuming I will find an ATM. Conde nast best river cruises in europe And I always do. Avalon river boat cruises europe Plus they began taking credit cards in Europe for things like taxis long before they did in NYC! I bring relatively little cash and get more if I need it. Best luxury river cruises in europe I have started to let my credit card company know when I am travelling, because they often reject the first international charge on a fraud alert. River cruises europe amsterdam to black sea Know that, as long as you report a missing card, you are only liable for a nominal amount and almost no card company enforces that unless they find you suspicious. Avalon waterways european river cruises reviews As for passports, we all have copies of the photo page in our bags in case something happens.

We just returned from a Uniworld cruise down the Rhine. Avalon cruises europe 2016 Ship, food, tours, and crew were fabulous, and the weather cooperated too! I love my Sketchers Go Walk shoes, but for all day walking especially on uneven surfaces, I needed the extra support of my Asics leather tennies. River cruises europe may 2015 I wore the Go Walk whenever I was on board (I’m not much of a sandal person). Best deals river cruises europe I packed 2 pair of jeans (different colors), 2 other pair of pants, a pair of knit lounging pants, a skirt for the dressier dinners, 4 long sleeve tops, 4 short sleeve tops, a couple of dressy tanks to wear with the skirt, a dressy blouse to wear over the tanks, a sweater, a black jacket, and a light raincoat. Best river cruises in europe reviews Along with the underwear and other toiletries, etc., it was still too much, especially since we had access to the washer/dryer on board. Avalon river cruises in europe We both packed too much. River cruises europe june 2015 It wouldn’t have been too bad if we were just doing the cruise, but we had vacation days both before and after the cruise, and even though we just had a suitcase and 1 carry on apiece, it was still a pain to haul that much around on the trains, etc.

Our ship had wifi available, although sometimes you had to go to the lounge for good reception. River cruises europe uniworld We took our iPads, and I downloaded my pictures every day in case the camera had an accident. Discount cruises europe If you go on the tours, they have the guide with a transmitter and you have a receiver with an earphone so you can hear the guide. River cruises europe last minute If you were hoping not to look like a tourist while on one of the tours, forget it : ) Of course you have the option to go off on your own if you want, and we chose to do that a few times.

In the dining room on our ship, they asked that you not wear T-shirts or shorts for dinner. Best river cruises europe tripadvisor They suggest slightly more formal wear for the 2 “fancy” dinners, but the men with us wore a sportcoat one night, and only a dress shirt the second one. Avalon river cruises europe 2014 This ship had a small pool, so if yours does, and you want to swim, bring a bathing suit.

Everything was handled very well, even our departing transportation to our hotel in Amsterdam. Best river cruise lines for europe We would definitely travel with this company again. River cruises europe grand circle If you think of something else you want to know, please ask.