Historic number of visitors since opening of van gogh museum in amsterdam

AMSTERDAM .- The Van Gogh Museum expects to end 2016 with a record number of nearly 2.1 million visitors, achieving growth of 8% compared to last year. Amsterdam queens day Passing the two million visitor threshold is a historic milestone since the museum opened in 1973. Amsterdam restaurants The majority of visitors to the museum were from the Netherlands, followed by the US, Italy, France and Great Britain. Amsterdam zuidoost More than 46,000 pupils visited the museum with a school group. Amsterdam weather forecast Visitor ratings of the museum remain notably high.

‘This a fantastic compliment’, says Axel Rüger, Director of the Van Gogh Museum. Amsterdam google maps ‘As the year progressed, we witnessed interest in our museum rise considerably. Amsterdam last minute We have worked exceedingly hard to continue to meet our visitors’ expectations. Amsterdam gay It is not only the highest number of annual visitors ever; more visitors rated their visit as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ than last year – even in the busy summer months.

Amsterdam university college That qualitative boost is what matters the most to us’.

Online interest in the museum is rising exponentially. Amsterdam denmark Traffic to the museum website increased by 40%, to more than 3.2 million visitors. Amsterdam icebar xtracold The website was most popular on 4 February (the launch of the online print collection), 30 March (Van Gogh’s birthday) and 30 September (when the two stolen Van Gogh paintings were recovered in Italy).

Vincent van Gogh and the museum are equally hot topics on social media channels. Amsterdam news In 2016, Van Gogh united 8.2 million fans on the various social media channels: 1,505,000 fans on Facebook, 543,000 followers on Twitter, 252,000 on Instagram and 5,622,000 op Google+. Amsterdam library The online fan base expanded by 30% compared to 2015, rising from 6.3 million to 8.2 million followers.

Visitors to the museum are from in excess of 125 different countries. Amsterdam october South Korea is a striking newcomer to the list. Port d amsterdam lyrics A Korean version of the multimedia guide was added in November of this year, facilitated by the financial support from museum sponsor Hyundai.

Public appreciation of the museum is high, also in the busy months of July and August. Amsterdam song The large majority of all visitors rated their visit as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’, and indicated that they ‘were given food for thought’ and ‘were inspired’.

1. Amsterdam events 2016 The additional space created when the new Entrance Hall opened late last year means that the reception of visitors is more efficient, and the museum is able to make optimal use of the entire building.

2. Amsterdams lyceum magister Time-slotted admission tickets have improved visitor distribution throughout the day. Amsterdam mohawks The peaks and lows of visitor flows are less pronounced and visitors are distributed more evenly throughout the entire day. Amsterdam boise A new development this year is that 1 in 4 visitors purchased their ticket online in advance.

3. Amsterdam 4 star hotels Extended opening hours on Fridays (and in the summer months, also on Saturdays) allow the museum to more effectively deal with the busy summer period.

With a varied programme of exhibitions, the museum focused on the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. Amsterdam o que fazer Easy Virtue: Prostitution in French Art, 1850-1910 opened in spring, an exhibition exploring the Paris of Van Gogh and his fellow artists. Amsterdam germany Coinciding with the exhibition, the museum designed three pop-up period rooms at a location previously used by sex workers in the city’s Red Light District. Amsterdam events The summer exhibition, On the Verge of Insanity: Van Gogh and His Illness, illuminated the theme of Van Gogh’s condition. Amsterdam van gogh museum The unique discovery of a doctor’s letter containing information about the cut-off ear aroused great interest, as did the revolver with which Van Gogh fatally wounded himself. Amsterdam zuidas The autumn exhibition, Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh: Impressions of Landscape (on display until 29 January 2017) revealed the story of ‘forgotten’ French artist Charles-François Daubigny. Amsterdam drugs Alongside being an enormous innovative force, he was primarily also a major source of inspiration for Vincent van Gogh.

In late September, the international press reported a major discovery: two of Van Gogh’s works that had been stolen 14 years previously had been recovered in Naples. Amsterdam zoo prices The works appear to have spent many years in the possession of members of the Italian mafia. W amsterdam opening Expert examination conducted in Italy indicates that the two works are from the museum collection: View of the Sea at Scheveningen (1882) and Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen (1884-85). Amsterdam electric It is as yet unknown when the paintings will be returned to the museum.

The launch of the Embrace Vincent multimedia guide and the collaboration with DJ Armin van Buuren also attracted widespread attention. Amsterdam time Van Buuren selected eleven of his favourite Van Gogh paintings, provided personal commentary and accompanied the works with music from his album Club Embrace. Amsterdams hotels The special multimedia tour (available until 31 December 2016) was spectacularly launched during the Amsterdam Dance Event, with a unique performance by the world-famous DJ in the museum’s glass Entrance Hall.

Director Axel Rüger: ‘Our visitors are from a wide range of countries and backgrounds. Amsterdam attractions It is therefore vital that year after year, there is a varied programme and that we devise and organise appealing, high-quality activities. Amsterdam uber We hold knowledge days for researchers and specialists. Amsterdam billiards During Vincent on Friday, we offer a dynamic, contemporary programme featuring up-and-coming artists and performers. Amsterdam arena This year, our educational programme for schools attracted more than 46,000 pupils. Amsterdams casino We offer special activities tailored to our disabled visitors, elderly visitors, families with children and audiovisually impaired visitors. Amsterdam zaanse schans Van Gogh belongs to everyone and we see it as our core mission, year upon year, to ensure that the museum remains appealing and accessible to all of our visitors, thereby giving everyone the opportunity to discover our collection’.