Iama full-time ski patrol worker at one of canada’s most popular ski resorts ama! _ iama

I noticed that someone requested a Ski Patrol AMA months ago and no one ever did one, so the Canadian in me saw an opportunity to do someone a favour and help out. Vail ski resort snow conditions Yes, it’s spelled favour.

Edit: I’m amazed that this AMA got as much interest as it did. Wisp ski resort lodging Thanks to everyone who took an interest in what I do, I’ll be checking the thread here and there tonight in case anyone else has a question.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie Frozen (not the Disney one). Biggest ski resort It’s about a group of kids who get stuck on a lift and the resort closes for the weekend.

What are precautions to prevent this from happening? And let’s say it was possible– for whatever reason, you were stuck up in the lift the resort was closed for three days, there was no cell service, and the drop was a high enough to result in injuries. Ski resort lodging What would you do?

Haha it’s funny because this isn’t the first time I’ve been asked that question. Lodging near kirkwood ski resort I’ve been waiting for this to come up. Mammoth ski resort It’s not an easy question to answer, so I’ll do my best without rambling.

There are SEVERAL different methods that we use to make sure no one is left on a lift and that no one is left on any ski run. Whitetail ski resort So let’s run through this in chronological order:

When it’s time to close the lift, patrollers are the last ones to get on the chair. Closest ski resort No member of the public is allowed to ride with us, and no one is allowed to ride after us (this isn’t because we’re special, it’s to ensure everyone left on the hill is AHEAD of us). Solitude ski resort hours of operation The lifties mark the chair number and make sure the last chair loaded (the one with patrollers on it) has reached the top before they shut down. Ski resort accommodation This alone is enough to make sure there aren’t any late riders.

Then, as patrollers are checking their runs (we have a special system for doing this), we look down the lift lines to make sure there is no one left. Heavenly ski resort jobs The lift supervisors also make runs with snowmobiles to check the line wherever they can.

Now, on the VERY MINUTE chance you get caught on a lift and you get by unnoticed, it’s very likely someone will report you missing and a search will be conducted and you will be found within a couple hours (the lifts will be the first areas to be checked because they are easiest to see and rule out). Snowshoe ski resort lodging If that doesn’t happen, it’s very likely the lift will run the next morning before the sun comes up. Who owns snowbird ski resort If that doesn’t happen, you’re screwed and there really isn’t a safe way out of that situation. Sugarbush ski resort Without cell service, you’ll have to improvise.

tl;dr: The chances of this happening are so small that it would be almost impossible, and if they did you would likely be rescued within 24 hours without having to do anything yourself. Whistler ski resort elevation If it does happen like the movie, you’re fucked.

Haha oh damn. Lodging near killington ski resort Yeah, I didn’t think it was very possible considering the amount of real-life checks that would happen. Mountain high ski resort But that’s kind of hilarious to know that if you were in the 1% to the 99%, you’re absolutely fucked.

Oh, I guess in relation to the movie, the follow up question would be, are wolves a common thing at ski resorts and how much of a problem are they?

Yeah that would be a good idea, if you’re close to a tower. Wisp ski resort maryland Keeping a rescue whistle is a great idea in general (especially if you are going back country) and it would come in handy here.

As for the follow up question, because our resort has been around for a long time most animals have left or know to keep away from areas with high guest traffic. Snowbird ski resort weather But at night they come out. Ski resort map Remember though, most animals are terrified of humans and will keep away. Whistler blackcomb ski holidays But if they don’t then you’re double screwed, which I guess is what they were going for in the movie.

I’m heading up to Canada next weekend (Whistler) and its my first time to Ski Canada! I’ve skied all my life, but mostly in California so I have no idea what the real deal Canada pow is like… Breckenridge ski resort colorado namely driving conditions. Telluride ski resort events If I have an AWD SUV, do you think I need chains? Are snow tires a must?

Also, thanks so much for doing what you do. Where is vail ski resort My brother was actually in a near-death ski crash when he was a kid, breaking over 13 bones, with a concussion so bad he completely cracked his helmet after he crashed during practice. Telluride ski resort jobs If it weren’t for the first responders on the mountain, I would easily be without a brother today. Breckenridge ski resort He got airlifted to the hospital and made a complete recovery, and actually went on to getting his ski instructor certification by the end of high school. Snowshoe ski resort reviews Skiing is a huge part of our lives, (even in California) and I’ve been really thankful for ski patrol, especially on that day when they hauled my brother off the mountain and helped him to the helicopter.

There was a man who skied off trail into an unmarked (and out of bounds) gladed area and hit a tree. Heavenly ski resort hotels Now, the reason this area is out of bounds is because there is no safe way to get a person out by skiing downhill, and to climb out is extremely difficult because it’s a small cliff followed by about 15 feet of near-straight-down snow before you get to the trees. Heavenly ski resort twitter This guy had smacked a tree and busted some ribs and broken his collarbone.

So once we packaged him up, he is in terrible pain and has difficulty breathing (a priority injury) and EMS is waiting at the bottom asking where we are. Solitude ski resort utah So we are trying to tell them politely over the radio that we are stuck in the middle of the ass crack of hell and have no idea how we are going to get out with this 250LB man and only 3 patrollers. Heavenly ski resort promo code I think we went with something like “we are going to be delayed, we will update you once extrication is complete”

We ended up enlisting the help of the guy’s friends, and started lifting him up the steep embankment. Holiday ski resort Lifting someone in snow is interesting, if they are heavy (and he was) you try to life the person UP and what happens is you get pushed DOWN in the snow. Telluride ski resort It’s super frustrating. Snowshoe ski resort address Luckily, myself and another patroller on-scene were trained by the fire department in rope rescue so we ended up cutting the rope off of our toboggan and using that to help us lift the guy out, and then tied it back on for the journey down to EMS.

Number one, without a doubt is to wear a helmet. Ski resort packages There isn’t really a reason not to these days. Wintergreen ski resort They are warm, comfortable, and you can even get ones with bluetooth to listen to music. Massanutten ski resort weather An added bonus: if kids see adults wearing them, they are more likely to wear them as well.

It seems a little silly, but you have no idea how many collisions and other accidents we attend just because someone got hit when they stopped just below the crest of a hill.

From my vantage point it was incredible. Ski resort near snowbird crossword The amount of power that a layer of snow generates as it falls is incredible. Alta ski resort lift tickets You will see the snow crack and then begin to slide, and as it gains momentum it starts toppling trees until finally it comes to rest in the valley or cascades off a cliff.

You might not be able to answer this because it might vary too much from place to place, but what are the requirements for being a patroller? What certs do you need? How good of a skier do you need to be?

It happens from time to time, mostly it’s drunk people. Vail ski resort trail map We don’t let drunk people up the chairlift for safety reasons. Highest ski resort in colorado Unfortunately, it’s the lifties that take the brunt of this one, because they are in the best position to notice the smell of alcohol and a persons behaviour in the lift line. Massanutten ski resort reviews Patrol doesn’t often do much, we just call security and back up the lifty until they arrive. Ski resort holidays Lifties put up with more shit than any of us on the hill, so give your lifty a hug next time you hit the slopes.

Wow, $14.25 is a decent starting pay when I was pro patrol on the ice coast I was making $10.25. Heavenly ski resort opening day 2015 Now that I moved on to “real” job (paramedic) I volunteer patrol only. The best ski resort in usa I dream of the day I can go back to pro patrolling. Breckenridge ski resort opening day 2015 I understand what you mean about the CSP training, but would like to mention with more and more out of season event coverage the training is becoming a bit more all around. Kirkwood ski resort lodging Very cool that you did this AMA, while I have a fairly large network of patrollers across Canada it is interesting to hear from someone that is non CSP!