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My interests are in understanding patterns and processes of biodiversity using some of the most abundant and diverse organisms – the arthropods. Griffith park night hike I am currently the project leader of a Queensland China Academy of Science (QCAS) research project. Griffith park wildlife This is a joint collaboration between Griffith University and Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Gardens looking at forest biodiversity and monitoring of responses to climate change.

I am interested in community ecology and how ecological networks are affected by environmental change. I am currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow on an ARC supported project which is investigating the dynamics of herbivorous insect assemblages in relation to habitat modification and fragmentation in south-east Asian rain forest. Griffith park jobs My research is nested within the broader SAFE project and a description of my project can be found here:

I am a postdoctoral fellow at Griffith Uni, currently working on a multi-taxon study of the altitudinal distribution of diversity in Eungella National Park. We are in the process of producing a book – “Eungella: a natural and social history” with the Queensland Museum, funded by the Mackay Regional Council. Griffith park 4730 crystal springs dr los angeles ca 90027 My research focuses on tropical community ecology and understanding the factors shaping community assembly across environmental gradients, using herbivorous insects as my main study tool. Griffith park playground My most recent paper (in review) “Vertical stratification of moths across altitude and latitude” is based on data from different climates, forest types, altitudes, latitudes and shows universal vertical stratification in moth assemblages. I am also interested in climate change impacts on biodiversity and using insects as indicators of environmental change. Griffith park cafe I have conducted research in subtropical and tropical rainforests of Australia, Sabah, Borneo, French Guiana and Yunnan Provence, China, as well as in temperate forests in the Pyrenees, France and Western China.

I am a PhD student researching the elevational distribution of leaf hoppers in subtropical rainforest at Border Ranges National Park. Griffith park ca I completed my Masters degree at the New Guinea Binatang Research Centre, Papua New Guinea.

I am a PhD student at Griffith University researching the effects of climate change on how plants and insects interact. Griffith park night view I work in subtropical and cool temperate rainforest in southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Train ride griffith park My research uses altitudinal differences in climate to test how plant defence chemicals respond to changes in temperature and how this affects the insects living in the plants. Griffith park night I completed my undergraduate degree at Griffith University and obtained first class Honours and the University Medal for my thesis on the effect of altitude on wasp communities.

My PhD research focuses on how lianas (woody vines) influence plant/insect herbivore dynamics in rainforests. Griffith park opening hours To date, literature on plant/herbivore interactions has largely focused on trees. Griffith park wedding This approach, however, fails to capture the whole picture as lianas provide up to 40% of above ground leafy biomass in rainforests. Griffith park observatory hollywood sign Little is known about the way in which lianas positively contribute to ecosystems. Los angeles griffith park observatory I hope that my research will help fill this crucial knowledge gap.

I am a PhD candidate at Griffith University, studying the effects of habitat modification on insect herbivores and herbivory rates in tropical rainforests in Malaysian Borneo. Griffith park zoo prices My research will contribute to a larger project studying the effects of forest modification and fragmentation on the tri-trophic plant-insect herbivore-predator matrix. Griffith park ghost train I have broad research interests in the fields of ecology and conservation biology. Griffith park observatory address I completed my undergraduate degree in Trinity College Dublin, specialising in Botany with first class honours. Griffith park planetarium I then embarked on a field course with the Tropical Biology Association to Uganda, which sparked my interest in tropical biology. Griffith park trails map pdf I returned to Trinity College Dublin for my MSc. Trails griffith park in Biodiversity and Conservation, during which I developed an interest in insect ecology; for my thesis I studied the functional groups of Irish insect pollinators.

I am a PhD student researching insect-plant interactions in tropical rainforests. Griffith park haunted My research focuses on the insect Order Orthoptera, particularly grasshoppers, and their feeding ecology as generalist herbivores. Hiking in griffith park I will be using DNA analysis of gut contents to see how different species utilise different host plants and caged feeding experiments to measure herbivory rates. La zoo griffith park I am interested in how forest fragmentation in the tropics can affect this biodiverse insect group and how it alters insect-plant interactions. Griffith park observatory parking I will be carrying out my research in the sub-tropical rainforest in southeast Queensland, Australia and tropical rainforest in Sabah, Borneo. Griffith park 10k I completed both my undergraduate (BSc Zoology) and Master’s (MSc Conservation Science and Policy) courses in the UK, with field work in Sulawesi, Indonesia exploring habitat disturbance and human-wildlife conflicts between primates and farmers.