Our last adventure _ hawaii _ offbeat + inspired kona hawaii vacation

Our last adventure _ hawaii _ offbeat + inspired kona hawaii vacation I’ve discovered a lot over the last few weeks. Hawaii vacation packages multi island I’ve discovered how beautiful the people in my life really are. Hawaiian holiday specials How precious what I had with Kappel actually was, and how my heart has come to process those things as time slowly passes. Hawaii flight and hotel deals I say “discovered” because when blurry images become sharp, it feels like you’re seeing them for the first time. Cheap hotel and flight packages to hawaii I knew we went on a disproportionate amount of adventures.

Hawaii multi island vacation packages I knew the things he loved to do complemented the things I loved to do, and that our hearts wanted to move

through life in the same direction. Family holiday packages to hawaii But the details that filled in the space of our relationship sometimes flowed beneath the radar.

Packages for hawaii They came naturally, and now that I have distance from him I’m able to notice them in a way I couldn’t before. Vacation on hawaii Details like how much we changed and inspired each other.

Hawaii island packages How I finally learned to ride a motorcycle because he pushed me to tackle that dream. Inclusive hawaii vacation packages How we both geeked out over Playmobils and woke up the little kids in each other. Trip to hawaii for two How he fell in love with food because I loved it so much. Hawaii vacation packages multi island We learned so many new things about ourselves because of each other.

Hawaii hotel flight packages I have to collapse under that truth sometimes and just cry. Hawaii vacations all inclusive resorts We let ourselves be seen, and be changed for the better by each other. Best hawaii vacation deals I think that’s the most beautiful thing we ever accomplished. Our last big trip was to Hawaii with Bon Appétit and the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau. Travel hawaii packages It was a food-focused journey that led us across the four islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui and The Big Island.

Best hawaii holiday packages We tasted all the things, and loved it. Hawaiian trip deals I would normally write about an experience like that from my own perspective. Bargain hawaii vacation packages I would talk about what I loved in each place, what the tastes were like, what spots I would recommend based on my own preferences…but I don’t want to do that here.

Hawaii holiday specials I want to talk about what Kappel loved. Best travel packages to hawaii I want to share what it was like to watch him light up over bruschetta at The Pig & The Lady on Oahu.

Vacation deals hawaii I want to talk about his favorites, the places he would have told you to go, because my heart exploded every time he got excited about food. Package deals to hawaii all inclusive I knew it was something we loved together…and was a part of him that came alive a little more when he was with me. So here’s how Kappel tasted Hawaii, and another batch of reasons I love him so much. Kappel loved the shrimp trucks.

Air and hotel packages to hawaii We drove aimlessly one afternoon and ended up on the north shore at Macky’s Sweet Shrimp Truck where we holed up under a big umbrella at a picnic table while a storm blew in. Trip to hawaii package deal He got the garlic butter shrimp over white rice with a side of vegetables. Resort packages hawaii I got the lemon shrimp. Vacation hawaiian islands He tasted both and definitely preferred the garlic (so did I). We visited the Hawaiian Shochu Company to learn about (and taste) Japan’s favorite drink next to sake. Best prices for hawaii vacation packages It was a private tour with the sweet owner, and Kappel couldn’t get enough of his stories.

Hawaii cheap package deals Usually, he would film while I talked to people. Hawaiian vacations deals But he loved the conversation so much that I took over camera duty.

Hawaii tourism packages I loved watching him be free while getting to know people, absorbing what they were passionate about and celebrating it with them. Best deals for hawaii At the end of the tour, we did a tasting. Hawaiian beach rentals Shochu is a rice-based spirit with sweet potato, fermented with Koji-kin, a mold used to break down the starches in the rice and potato. Hawaii vacation bargains The flavors came through beautifully, and we departed with 2 bottles.

Travel deals to hawaii We had no room left in our bags, but Kappel was determined to get them home and he made it happen. Family package deals to hawaii My bottle is unopened, on the counter in my kitchen. Hawaii best deal packages I’ll keep it there. Koloa Rum Company was a lot of fun. Planning a trip to hawaii We went for a tasting, learned a lot about rum, and Kappel insisted that we buy the Mai-Tai mix and a bottle of coffee rum. Vacations hawaii specials From there, we drove out to the canyon and stopped along the way for a coffee rum picnic.

Hawaii cruise vacations He loved that moment. Vacation on hawaii We sat on the edge while the fog rolled out, sipped and took pictures. We went on an official Kauai food tour and got to stop at Wailua Shave Ice. Hawaii vacation for 2 It was a beachy, cherry red, happy little trailer and Kappel got the Stumptown Coffee flavor. Package tour hawaii I got a fruity one, he tasted both, preferred the Stumptown.

Hawaii vacation rental We were both really impressed by how refreshing the shave ice was. O’o Farm was incredible. Hawaii couple packages It’s a full farm to table experience. Travel packages for hawaii It starts with a tour. Best hawaiian vacation spots You eat from the trees and pick your own salad, then you make your way to the dining area where the chef gives a menu intro, then you make friends while everything comes to life.

2 island hawaii vacation packages Finally, you eat on a beautiful hillside at a big family table. Deals on hawaii vacation packages With our full plates in front of us, new friends next to us, and a sweet breeze blowing, we looked at each other and said, “What is our life??

” Beautiful. The Mai Tais at Humuhumunukunukuapuaa (say it 5x fast) spoiled us both. Hawaii vacation sites We spent an evening at the bar, tasting what became our favorite beverage of the entire trip. Hawaii flights and accommodation Kappel loved that they weren’t too sweet, and that the fruit flavors were so fresh.

Multi city hawaii vacation packages We agreed they were the best, and would recommend them across the boards. On our last day, we met at Daylight Mind Coffee Company for breakfast before heading out for a day of shooting with Mark and Soni from Moon & Turtle and the HVCB team.

All inclusive hotels in hawaii Kappel loved the food at Daylight Mind. Tour packages hawaii We had dinner at one of their other locations earlier on in the trip, and that was a great experience too. All inclusive to hawaii I ordered the Avocado Toast that morning and he had the Eggs Benedict.

Hawaii vacation hotels He LOVED Eggs Benedict, so was pretty picky and Daylight Mind nailed it. Later that day, we visited Hirabara Farm where Mark cooked for all of us in the outdoor kitchen right next to the farm. Travel packages hawaii Then we ate together right on the farm. Oahu hawaii vacation We made some beautiful friends that day and it was the highlight of our entire trip.

Hawaii island packages Kappel loved connecting with the owners, Pam and Kurt. Hawaii travel packages He wanted to go back. All inclusive trip to hawaii for two We walked away feeling like they were family, and talked about making plans to visit again.

Flight and accommodation packages hawaii When Kappel fell in love with people, I fell in love with him more. Hawaii hotel and flight packages It wasn’t just about the food that day, which was incredible (Mark is an insanely talented chef). Best deals in hawaii It was walking into a situation as strangers and walking away with bonds that led Soni to send me a box full of Hawaiian treats and a beautifully comforting letter when she found out about the accident. Kappel was changed by our Hawaii trip and so was I. Hotel packages to hawaii We checked a lot of items off our bucket list, and added a lot of new ones.

Cheap holiday packages hawaii Our desire to travel and gather with people over food for the purpose of going deeper, loving better and connecting in a more true way grew tremendously. Travel deals for hawaii That’s a big part of the journey we were on, both professionally and in our relationship. 7 day hawaii vacation packages That journey continues for me and I will honor it. Trip deals to hawaii Our hearts intertwined there.

Vacation deals to hawaii We loved people, food, and the process of overcoming fear so that we could venture into beautiful places like this and experience the hearts and souls of precious human beings. Best package deals to hawaii It opened up the doors to so much life, and I will keep after that.

Cheap hawaii deals And find healing in it. Tiffany, my heart is still broken in a million pieces after what happened, but I’ve got to tell you, girl, I’ve never admired anyone more for how you’re coping, healing and sharing your heartbreak and love with everyone online. Deals for hawaii It’s such a beautiful thing to witness, Tiffany, your lovely photographs always call for a deeper look.

Vacation in hawaii for cheap Today’s look revealed your story and I’ve spent the last hour with you; combing back through photos, posts, your memories. Hawaii air and hotel packages How courageous you are to share your raw feelings for the world.

Hawaii trip packages I know loss and how isolating it can feel. Discount hawaii vacations We are with you. Tour hawaii packages God is with you. Hawaii travel packages all inclusive God bless Kappel and God bless you, Tiffany. Trip hawaii Sending our prayers, today and always.

My heart aches for you Tiffany….You are such an amazing person, I know we have never met but I still feel like I’ve known you all my life.

Air and hotel packages to hawaii For a little chuckle…every time I eat Eggs Benedict, I will always think of Kappel. Best deal for hawaii vacation I LOVE Eggs Benedict and I have it every time it is available to me. Site: http://offbeatandinspired.com/2016/07/29/our-last-adventure-hawaii/