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Last time I stayed in Paris, I rented an apartment just off Boulevard Poissonnière. City of paris france Street market and of course cafes and boulangeries for breakfast just down the road. Paris france hotels cheap If I remember we needed to change at Chatellet, so slightly inconvenient travel wise for the “centre”, but Paris is an easy place to walk round, and that is the best way to see it, in my view.

Before that out at St Denis – convenient for the Rugby at Stade de France. Sites to see in paris france And before that several visits to the same hotel in one of the tiny “cite” near Grands Boulevard metro. Paris france pictures Not desperately romantic but cheap for our sinful weekends. Hotel de france paris 18 Again, easy walking to lots of places.

The best food is not found at Chartier Boullion – just over the back from Cite Rougemont – but the place sure does have atmosphere, absolutely worth the effort to eat there, its so old school. Hotels paris france near eiffel tower Waiters aren’t rude, but have the sort of hauteur that will turn to a laugh if you join in. 75001 paris france The menu is on your place setting, they write your order on the paper table cloth, everybody shares tables, so it is likely you will get to speak to a French person. Top 10 places to visit in paris france Last time, a French couple form out of town were put at our table, they were having an illicit weekend and they told US. Lodging in paris france The several times we have been it has ended up being hugely enjoyable. Videos of paris france Get there early or be prepared to queue. In paris france (actually that applies to most tourist things in Paris, like the Eiffel Tower)

If you find the French portions too small and too err “presented”, then try Le Louchebem allegedly started out as a boucherie back when Les Halles, where it is situated, was the main cattlemarket and slaughter house. Tourism in paris france Le Louchebem is for MEAT eaters. Paris france region There are quite a few other eateries around Les Halles. Downtown paris france It was in its last iteration, a shit hole. Paris france on map The new place at least looks better. Paris france coordinates Around and about are remnants of the culinary past, lots of restaurant suppliers – E. R kipling hotel paris france Dehillerin just next to St Eustasche is worth a walk round, a must see – buying is an experience too. Paris to france You thought it was pick up your stuff and pay? Oh no. Paris france weather in december At least three people are involved in your transaction. Paris france weather in july So old school, Walmart it ain’t. Paris france homes Beautiful.

American in Paris David Lebowitz writes a food blog and newsletter you can sign up for – he has lots of recommendations for various styles of eating if you hunt through his various archives.

The Louvre is fantastic, but also huge. Paris france restaurants The story is if you spend 30 seconds in front of each exhibit, it will take quite a few years (possibly 30?) to look at everything – so not so good for a “romantic” short stay. Lodging paris france I tend to go to the Musee d’Orsay across the way which also has a reasonably quiet cafe up in the roof and is much more accessible. Vacation paris france The basement level under the Louvre pyramid is quite something, no charge either.

If we knew when you were going, I could edit out stuff like the Jardin du Luxembourg if its a winter thing. Paris france weather april Not far from the gardens is the Musee de Cluny, all the stuff, including the building is Medieval, and fortunately not too large, but fascinating.

If you want to do the Eiffel tower thing, best to get there early, ie before 10am. Info paris france Otherwise the queues are a pain in the arse. Places to visit in france besides paris I can’t remember if it’s the first or second level, but you can use the stairs to descend (probably you can go up too, but I’m not recommending that!) it is quite a thing, unless you suffer from vertigo or are very unfit, otherwise a bucket list thing because not many others do it and you get right up close to the engineering.

A few years ago, I was there when the Sapeur Pompier (emergency rescue cum fire service) were doing their escape training – absailing down from the 1st level right into the middle of the square.

The Ecole Militaire at the other end of the Champ de Mars has a great museum of French military history. Mapquest paris france The Pantheon is nearby, where Napoleon’s tomb is kept.

It is not too far to walk to Bvd St Germain, lots of cafe’s and restaurants to just sit and people watch. What country is paris france in On the way to the Left Bank (lots more cafes) and the Notre Dame is the church/convent – whatever – that features in the Dan Brown book/film the Davinci Code (it’s not my thing, so I’ve forgotten, despite going in several times). Hotel de france paris 12 The Left Bank is also famous for the booksellers along the quayside, the books are left there all the time (locked in) boxes. Paris france attractions and sights Presumably there origin was to service the students at the Sorbonne nearby.

Just off Place de la Concorde, through Place Vendome, jink east a few blocks to the Palais Royale, from there you can search out one of the remaining Passages in Paris, covered walkways which have all sorts of shops and cafes and bistros. Louvre paris france Again, I can’t remember the name, but you end up at the place where Chopin used to work as a pianist, and next to the Musee Grevin, a waxworks.

Like any tourist attraction, places on the Camps Elysees charge a fortune to serve you the ordinary. Best hotels in paris france for couples Unless you have pocket money unending, drinks and food is available at reasonable cost elsewhere.

The Metro basically works. Weather paris france 10 day forecast It has always seems the easiest way to get about over distances too big to walk, or when time is pressing. Hotels in paris france 5 star Being a Brit, the tube in London seems easier, but you won’t have that handicap. Paris france events I vaguely remember you can buy tickets in advance? Makes life easier if you are in a rush, and simpler than the system used in Frankfurt for example.

Click to expand…As long as you are in the general city center, and close to a subway terminal, location isn’t critical. Paris is capital of france I can’t remember where we stayed, but it was 1.5 blocks from the subway. Paris france hotel reviews It took a few minutes to understand the French language signs. Paris france weather in may We stood back and watched a few people use the machine, then dove in. Paris france winter Their system is phenomenal and fast, much faster than any car in fact.

The most interesting thing I saw in Paris was the Catacombs. Weather paris france 14 day Pay a small fee, and walk through the ancient tunnels filled with the bones that were evicted from the graveyards once they became too full.