Paris, pittsburgh, and more

The air has been so polluted this past week in Paris—a 10-year high—that officials restricted car travel, an extreme measure to reduce the toll on human health. Hotel de france paris gare de l est Doctors are seeing more children with asthma and bronchial infections. Things to do in paris france at night Citizens were warned against exercising outdoors.

Paris france elevation Worried Parisians donned surgical masks, which offer no real protection.

Meanwhile, one of my brothers emailed me this week about the new U.S. Pictures of paris massacre administration, which intends to name a chief in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency who is not really interested in protecting it. Paris france districts My brother worried that Pittsburgh will again merit the nickname the Smoky City. Hotels a paris france For photos of Pittsburgh when smoke turned day into night, see my post here.

I was shocked to find out that Pittsburgh is still one of America’s most polluted— ranking in the top six. Where to stay in paris france The American Lung Association graded Allegheny county with an F for its overall air quality. Paris france weather today The reason? Car traffic and industry, especially along the rivers, exactly where Pittsburghers like to play outdoors.

In Paris, people are blaming the French love of diesel fuel, which powers most cars and trucks as well. Paris france images This love affair is due in part to the government’s lower taxes on diesel, a break meant for the trucking industry. Pictures of paris cafes But it’s also due to a weather inversion that has put a lid over the city.

This week, PM10 particulates exceeded 80 micrograms per cubic meter. Weather paris france 5 days The EU has set a maximum daily average of 50. Paris france weather in november PM10 are particulates with a diameter of less than 10 microns, which include the most dangerous ones of less than 2.5 microns, which can penetrate deep into the lungs and the blood system and can cause cancer, according to this report.

In Pittsburgh and Paris, what you can’t see can hurt you. Paris la france What’s a person to do? I just downloaded an app called Plume (developed by Frenchies) that lets me know when it’s safe to bike or exercise outdoors, whether the ‘Burg or Paris. Www paris france And I have my eye on on a designer mask that really does work! Sincerely, I hope the way forward is a future of clean fuel that powers our cities and jobs, and allows us to breathe easily.

I was surprised to learn that as a native Pittsburgher, I come from Appalachia — a region I always thought began as soon as I dipped my toe into West Virginia. Hotels paris france But the book “ The Paris of Appalachia,” by Brian O’Neill, set me right: Pittsburgh is smack dab in the Appalachian region, the mountainous stretch from Alabama to New York.

I wasn’t surprised at the comparison of Pittsburgh and Paris. Where is paris france Just think about what they have in common: rivers, bridges, parks, beautiful views, the arts, neighborhoods, and walkable streets. Where is paris in france They are big food, drink, and sports towns, each in their own way. Paris france weather december Pittsburgh has pierogis, Iron City, and the Steelers. Pictures of paris france eiffel tower Paris has pommes frites, café, and Paris Saint-Germain. Paris france tourism Both cities work to live instead of live to work.

There are some big differences between the two cities, of course. Paris france description Paris is expensive, snobby, and dense at the core. L’hotel paris france Pittsburgh is affordable, friendly, and has a weak core that’s a revenue sinkhole.

Since Pittsburgh at times seems mentally stuck in the 1950s, I asked the author, a staff writer at the Post-Gazette, whether anything had really changed since his book was published in 2009. France hotels paris As the French saying goes, Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. All about paris france The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.

“The city still has the problem of its largest employers, the hospitals and universities, not paying property or payroll taxes,” because of their nonprofit status, Mr. Paris france weather in october O’Neill said in an email, “but the city has been talking with the big four — UPMC, Allegheny Health Systems, Carnegie Mellon University and Pitt — about a payment in lieu of taxes plan.” That would help alleviate Pittsburgh’s budget problems.

What would give a boost to the whole area, however, would be the creation of a Greater Pittsburgh to give the city the same scale as other American cities. Things to do in paris airport “In Pittsburgh, for instance, 83 distinct municipalities manage the sewer system that serves the greater metro area,” according to Keystone Crossroads. Paris city france There are a whopping 418 local governments in the six-county Pittsburgh area, and 130 in Allegheny county alone. Paris france weather network That doesn’t make any sense. Hotels in paris france with view of eiffel tower Or cents. Images paris france Municipalities in the Paris area are merging to save government overhead costs, deliver better service, and avoid raising taxes. Weather paris france september Why not Pittsburgh’s?