Sicily by car rental

At this site we found a nice car, that we could pick up at Termini station and leave at the airport. Venice treviso airport address The company who provided this car was Sicily by Car.

Some people think that this is a fine from the police and a lot of people think that this is a administration fee all rentalcars organisations have to pay for giving the police the information about the people who rented the cars.

Today ( 19t of november ) I wrote a mail to to explain themselves, but what I also read on forums they do not answer the mails. Treviso airport shuttle to venice Fortunately VISA will block my account if they don’t.

I rented a car in Rome last August. Venice treviso airport bus timetable Never again I will rent a car for this company.

Treviso airport to punta sabbioni I was 90 minutes waiting in Rome to pick up the car. Venice treviso airport to venice bus I took full insurance. Airport treviso venezia I had an accident a couple of days after I rented the car in San Giminiano and followed all instructions given by pone by the company. Venice treviso airport car hire At the rentalñ car office in Pisa they told me that everything was okay because crane pick up the car and I retunred GPS and I had full insurance. Treviso airport to treviso centrale On Spetember 22nd I recieved a letter at home telling me that I should pay 7.000 Euro plus 22% tax because insirance was not valid because of negligence and careless driving .. Treviso airport to train station and I had 5 days to answer or they would charge in my credit card that amount. Treviso airport shuttle bus to venice Next day I sent the email, following their instructions, exactly as indicated in their letter. Treviso airport to piazzale roma However they charged, without my authorization 2500 Euro that afternoon (fortunatelly I had not more credit in the card because they triued to charge more tan 8.000 Euro). Best way to get from treviso airport to venice Sincé teh accident I have wrote them emails several times with any answer. Treviso italy airport I sent emails with no answer and nobody answer the customer service line, and if you call to other line they say that you must call customer service … Treviso airport bus to venice in summary: they are not acting in good faith, and its insurance is not true. Venice treviso airport to train station They always can say, unilaterally that you “were careless driving” and ignore to honor the insurance taken. Treviso airport to venice taxi PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, you are in serious risk to be charged in your credit card with any excuse! It is the worst rental car company I have used in my life,…they should change the name because Sicily is a nice place that don’t deserve that real bad company uses its name!

Because we didn’t have a credit card (there is absolutely nothing obvious before booking that says we must have a credit card), they charged us 300€ ad deposit. Where is venice treviso airport location The guy at the desk (I remember him by his blue Armani glasses and his “fakely” nice personality) confirmed that we would get our money back within 8 days. Hotel treviso airport 3 months later still nothing and it really makes me feel angry. Treviso airport departures After reading all the comments from other customers, I can see that the same has been happening for years, how come that disgusting company can still be trading, without any authorities or anybody trying to stop them?

We hired a car at Sicilybycar for one day. Europcar venice treviso airport When i picked up to car at the Termini Roma Station the girl behind the desk was very gentle. Hotels near treviso airport She gave me the papers and i had to pick up the car at the garage. Treviso airport to union lido The guy of the garage gave me the papers that i need to sign as he already inspected the car. How far is venice treviso airport from the city I told him that i also want to see the car. Travel from treviso airport to venice He was upset and angry about it but after a discussion i could see the car without signing. How do you get from venice treviso airport to venice After my investigation i noticed two bumps which he have not put on his paper. Distance from venice treviso airport to venice marco polo airport After a discussion he agreed and put it on the paper so i signed and drove a way. Venice treviso airport map (27/06/2016 at 11:50). Venice mestre to treviso airport We drove to Castel Gandolfo and i parked the car over there and we had a very nice day. Treviso airport to venice by train Atthe same day at 18:30 i brought the car back at the Roma Air Port. Treviso airport car parking A lady checked the fuel and the car. Distance from treviso airport to venice city After that she went to her office to put everything in the computer. How to get from treviso airport to venice by train But when she arrived at the computer she went back and she walked straight to the front tire and then she walked back again to the computer. Treviso airport bed She asked me to sign and asked her for what i need to sign. Treviso airport hostel She said you have a damage. Venice treviso airport shuttle After a discussion she showed me the damage. Treviso airport car hire companies Their was a small bumb on the outside of the tire. Treviso airport to venice by bus We explained her that we couldn’t have done it. How far from venice treviso airport to venice city She told us that it was a new tire so it couldn’t have been somebody else than us. Tsf treviso airport If you drive only 70 km and you get such a bumb on the tire there is something wrong with the tire itself. Cheapest way from treviso airport to venice According to her that is not possible as these are good tires. Venice treviso airport car rental She showed us the invoice 254 EURO!!!!! And i only rented it for one day. From venice to treviso airport I have seen that people are warning other people about fraud regarding tires at your company. Bus treviso airport I have already seen 3-5 same cases as that i have….. How to get to treviso airport from venice I found it very strange. Treviso airport to venice airport I hope that you treat this e-mail and hope the hear from you

However, after 6 months I received a letter from the company. Treviso airport duty free They charged 50 euro from my credit card due to a parking fine in Giarre, Sicily. Treviso airport map I did not get any parking fine in Giarre. How much is taxi from treviso airport to venice We had a private parking at Hotel Etna and the only time I parked in Giarre was on the arrival day when I parked close to an ATM, where I got some money. Venice treviso airport location map I watched the car when I got the money and did not get any fine.

At every toll road passing I payed with my credit card. Treviso airport hotel However, I remember one episode where I experienced trouble with the credit card machine. Airport treviso italy venice I paid with my credit card, but the card was stuck in the machine. Treviso airport to venice city centre I called several times before a person came, opened the machine and gave me my credit card back. Venice treviso airport to trieste I did not get any message telling me to use the credit card again, and I therefore though that everything was ok (we could also pass through). Treviso centrale to treviso airport So, due to problems with the machine I will be charged 50 euro from Sicily by Road and 11 Euro + from the autostrada company. Venice treviso airport to verona The claim was documented with a list of unpaid passages from the Autostrada company, so at least made it easy to check. Hotels near venice treviso airport The parking fee charge came without any documentation.

This is not the first time I have experienced problems with Sicily by Car, and the problem is that you always get claims for some fines half a year/a year after you delivered the car, and usually without any documentation.

I know that this is standard procedure (to charge your credit card for eventually fines later on), however I have never experienced any similar problems with other car rental companies. Bus from venice treviso airport to venice Every time I use Sicily by Car I do. Airport treviso shuttle Why?

I was also a victim of a fraud made by Sicily by car- AutoEuropa. Train from treviso airport to venice I picked up a car from Catania- the car was almost brand new and we didn’t find any damage on it. Venice treviso airport to venice marco polo airport When we came to return it (also in Catania) member of staff checked the car carefully, especially front windscreen. Where is treviso airport He didn’t even look for other windows. Locauto treviso airport Obviously he know what to look for, because he found nearly invisible, tiny damage on the windscreen. Van treviso airport naar venetie We are sure, that nothing hit the car when we use it, so that damage must have been there before we had rented a car. Car hire treviso airport venice Moreover when we ask an attendance how much we are supposed to pay, he told us wrong number – when we checked it in the agreement in the office, it turned out, that the price is 10 times bigger that he just said!

To sum up: A client gets a car with small, invisible damage and he is charged “costs of repair” when he gives the car back. Venezia treviso airport I don’t know what they will do with this car now, but probably it the windscreen will not be replaced and another customer will be forced to pay for the same damage. Rent a car venice treviso airport My recommendation- avoid Sicily by car- AutoEuropa.

Several weeks ago I posted on many websites my story where I explain how SBC did charge my credit card for two damaged tyres while only one was found damaged when I left the car back from my trip in Catania.

I was then contacted by the company, SBC, who accepted to refund the equivalent amount of money for the second tyre. Treviso airport to venice train They saw my posts on the web and asked me to remove them. Taxi treviso airport to venice Since I cannot remove them (you do not have access to your posts once uploaded), I want here to share this with the readers. From venice treviso airport to venice city So this is it. Venice treviso airport to mestre After posting many complains they contacted me and effectively did partially refund the money they charged.

We did rent a Fiat car at Catania airport (Sicily) for a week from June 30th to July 7th. From treviso airport to venice by bus The company is Sicily By Car, with prior reservation online via AutEuropa. How far is treviso airport to venice You do not know the company that is renting the car before you pay online, and once you’ve paid it’s too late, you’re fucked with Sicily By Car !

Problem is they charged my card a week later for 2 tyres !!!!! and with explanations and receipt more than a month later only, because I asked the company, otherwise they just do not give any information !

Picked up the car in an unlit parking lot after a 30 minute wait at the desk in Fiumicino Airport, Rome. Treviso airport from venice They never went over the car with us for damage as they said they had already done so and marked it on the rental agreement. Venezia mestre to treviso airport I noticed more damage that wasn’t on the agreement and insisted they mark it on. Venice treviso airport to santa lucia train station They were reluclant to do so but eventually did. Treviso airport padova After returning the car, they pointed out more damage that was intitailly on the car when I picked it up but failed to notice. Train from venice to treviso airport It was suspicious, because in order to see the damage, you had to get down on your hands and knees and while the attendant never did this, he still noticed the damage.

When I complained, he said “don’t worry, you have full coverage”. Venice treviso airport to venice distance I had no recourse and I’m sure that this damage was being repeatedly charged to each customer without being repaired.