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NAWILIWILI — Norman Hashisaka, a Military Intelligence Service veteran, was pleased to see the four masts protruding from beyond the Nawiliwili seawall Friday.

2. Travel deals hawaii The EPA announced a $4.8 million penalty for violations of the label in regards to an incident on Kauai involving Syngenta, 35 workers, and the pesticide chlorpyrifos.

1. Family vacation hawaii packages The Kauai good neighbor policy will expand to the entire state. Vacation hawaiian islands This will include monthly website reporting on pesticide usage, notice of planned spraying given to residents who live within a 1,000 feet of spraying, and the establishment of a 100-foot buffer zone around all spraying operations.

6. Travel packages to hawaii all inclusive There will be creation of a coordinated rapid response team to handle pesticide incidents.

Hawaii 5 day vacation packages Exercises are planned for all counties with simulations to include a possible school exposure.

7. Hawaii vacation home rental Education and outreach programs will be offered to healthcare professionals to help with recognition and management of pesticide incidents.

I am pleased that the state is taking these actions and that the crop protection industries are supporting the plans. Best vacation in hawaii I am disappointed that the testing of air, soil, dust and biologic markers are not part of the package but overall, I do think it is a good step forward and hopefully a win for all parties.

The Syngenta case represents the finding by the EPA that there were 261 violations of the label in the use of chlorpyrifos in this one incident involving 35 workers. Hawaiian trips packages Syngenta does have the opportunity to respond to these findings.

I have no opinion on the actual incident but the case does heighten the awareness of federal concern about the toxicity of these chemicals. Best family hawaii vacation packages The federal agencies are being increasingly strict about enforcing the rules concerning worker safety but they have mostly left the issue of buffer zones around schools and other fragile environments to the states and counties to regulate.

These chemicals are universally acknowledged as toxic and Hawaii schools are somewhat unique with their banks of open windows. Cheap hawaii holiday packages Children and teachers spending long hours in these classrooms need to be protected.

Prior to 2008, Waimea Canyon School had regular spraying by large machines approximately 60 feet from an open bank of windows. Hawaii tours This had gone on for years and was perfectly legal. Package deals for hawaii vacation There were three incidents of possible toxic exposures to children between 2006 and 2008. Book a hawaii vacation After the 2008 incident, Syngenta pulled their operations back from the entire field close to the school and all incidents stopped. Vacation deals in hawaii We may never know what actually caused those illnesses but the increasing awareness of the toxicity of these chemicals must make all of us increasingly concerned about the need for proper buffer zones.

The new good neighbor policy will call for 100-foot buffers but that is not enough for vulnerable places like schools. Hawaii travel California is moving toward quarter-mile buffers around its schools. Hawaii vacation resorts This issue will come up again in this year’s state legislative session.

It is now very clear that in Hawaii, these rules legally are the responsibility of the state (not the county) and the state needs to do what is right. Hawaii luxury vacation California has led the country in examining the science behind buffer zones and we need to follow their lead.

Dr. All inclusive hawaii hotels Lee Evslin is a retired physician. Resorts in hawaii He has lived and practiced on Kauai since 1979. Flights and accommodation packages to hawaii He also served as the CEO of Kauai Medical Clinic and Wilcox Hospital. Inclusive hawaii packages He will be providing a regular column for TGI. Inclusive resorts in hawaii His goal will be to present new ideas on health-related issues.

It is a true breath of “fresh air” to read that there will be more protective actions to be taken regarding this “overuse of tolerance” in the field of poison use on Kauai and Hawaii Nei.

The Dividing Line Concept still to be addressed, is still that the whole issue of POISON in Hawaii, and it has been an issue since after WWII when poison chemicals became popular on the Hawaii plantations, a REACTIVE approach. Kauai hawaii vacation REACTION as an approach to problems is tolerable in some situations that are unstoppable, for example, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunami. Hawaii packages for two But REACTIVE concepts in poison are not acceptable.

But since POISON is not manufactured in Hawaii it is brought to Hawaii with great effort and that is of course stoppable. Hawaiian vacation specials Reactive care in the agriculture (ag) industry is in all cases, well, REACTIVE. Best hawaiian island for vacation For example 35 people are exposed to poison on the Westside of Kauai and require medical care; they are taken to the hospital. Hawaii condo rentals That is REACTIVE.

PROACTIVE care in the “ag” industry, the opposite of Reactive, would have prevented the poison exposure to the workers; best effort would have been no poison.

NO POISON? Yes, you see studies done show that when no poison is used on “ag” fields they require less water for irrigation and less, if any, fertilizers, and have no poison events. Where to vacation in hawaii Since some of the “ag” poisons are known to cause cancer and those cancers can take take a few decades to show up in humans, these workers may be in for the short wait in the long run, albeit worrisome.

While Hawaii (and Kauai partially) has perhaps a million and a half acres of “Ag” land; and much of that was empty after the sugar plantations collapsed; needing an “ag” industry replacement, it was not wise or in the best interest of the “ag” workers and neighbors and citizens to have brought in the seed companies knowing that required poison use 320 days a year compared to regular food crops.

The RED FLAG warning should have been that these poison companies are not only foreign but that they are not allowed to operate in their own countries due to the poisons they use here 320 days a year are banned in their own mother countries; making us and our “Ag” workers “guinea pigs” for their poison industry and human sacrifices for lives lost to “ag” cancer.

Dr. Hawaii condos Evslin tells us that there will be a 100′ buffer zone for poison use from homes and schools, while California requires over 1300′ buffer zone. Vacations to hawaii packages 100′ is about the length of 5 pickup trucks. Vacations hawaii flights What about Kona and Tradewinds in all of Hawaii?

Poison workers will be medically tested? That is a REACTIVE concept to poison. Multi island hawaii packages After the poison begins the time required process of cancer and worker “A” shows positive for cancer by poisoning after 5 years, his co-worker “B” may not show cancer from “ag” poisoning until 8 or 10 years…is there really any difference when it all could have been avoided by outlawing these poisons and resorting to agriculture without poison when it employed many more people to the benefit of communities and islands, and still does in parts of the world.

Hawaii has CPS, Child Protective Services, yet are they forced to not include the poison abuse put on our children in schools; dr. Air hotel packages to hawaii Evslin well points out that the “walls” of jalousy glass are usually wide open in the schools; and even when shut are not air and poison “tight”.

We keep on electing public officials who appoint many more; but where are the leaders. Hawaii trips for two Where are the sane people? What part of POISON do our elected people not understand?

Are “Ag” chemical poisons really that important and needed, they weren’t several decades ago. Package holidays to hawaii With the advent of corporations Patenting and TradeMark-ing seeds originally given to us by God there has been a macabre move to control the world’s God given foods; and to require deadly poisons and cancer put upon our God Fearing brothers, fathers, and sons.