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I think our trip to India gave us a much better sense of what operating in an emerging market might be like. Location of patagonia From the largest of conglomerates to the smallest of start ups, the businesswomen and men that we met were uniformly confronted with the necessity of making mission critical strategic decisions without troves of data.

One of my favorite insights from the trip related to how one could best capitalize on India’s favorable secular tailwinds.

Where are patagonia clothes made This person had concluded that since at many times market multiples account for (or more than account for) the underlying growth rates, that one might do best by building their own business.

For many reasons this was an incredibly rewarding trip. Video patagonia Spending time with executives from a wide array of businesses was immensely educational…maybe I should do that on ALL of my trips abroad…

40,000 FEET ABOVE IRKUTSK, A CITY I’VE ONLY HEARD OF FROM PLAYING RISK – Kit O’Connor ‘17, your recently appointed social media guru for Chazen’s inaugural Global Immersion Program in Vietnam, checking in from my flight from Newark to Hong Kong. South patagonia A little bit about me before I jump into the trip: I’m a second year MBA student originally from outside Chicago, but I’ve lived in New York for nearly a decade. Patagonia in chile I enrolled at Columbia Business School to broaden my career, academic, social, and, yes, geographic horizons, and I’ll be joining McKinsey & Co as a strategy consultant in its New Jersey office after I graduate.

I actually just found out that I would be the social media point person for Vietnam earlier today (though “today” is a nebulous concept when traveling across the globe!) while I was in the midst of packing, which was a rather appropriate moment: I was surveying my bag, which included sandals, swimsuits, sweaters, and regular suits. Patagonia on a map Vietnam has a very formalized business environment, and presenting a good first impression is critical to establishing relationships.

But that was my clothing bag. Where is the patagonia located My backpack contained a multitude of branded CBS knickknacks (pens, wallets, notebooks, etc.) for our hotel and company visit hosts. Patagonia city Another important part of doing business in Vietnam is exchanging small gifts when meeting new colleagues. Where is patagonia sold In one of our classes leading up to the trip, Professor Michel Pham shared a poignant story of visiting his cousins in Vietnam, where he noticed a miniature racecar displayed prominently on a bookshelf in the living room – it turned out it was the one he had left when visiting as a child over twenty years prior!

Finally, a quick note on CBS at the center of business. Patagonia sale canada Being at the center necessarily involves a surrounding area, and I was interested in knowing just how big that area was for our trip to Vietnam. Who owns patagonia I asked my classmates where they were flying to Vietnam from, and here’s a small sampling of the answers: Myanmar, Jackson (Wyoming), Bangkok, Melbourne, Cambodia, and India. Patagonia when to go Frankly, I’m not surprised – it’d be unlike CBS students to have just one adventure at a time!

That’s all for now; I have teach my body how to switch AM and PM in twenty-four hours. Patagonia business I’ll catch back up with you after our first event, a dinner cruise in Ho Chi Minh City! Uncategorized atthecenter, preparation, Vietnam Leave a comment

Outside of our amazing company visits, we braved the cold to venture out to see the beauty and culture of Seoul. Outdoor clothing patagonia Here are a few of the highlights.

Ascending Seoul Tower: For our first day in Seoul, we had a get a bird’s eye view of the city. Chile patagonia argentina We made our way to Seoul Tower to get an epic view from the top.

Touring Gyeongbokgung Palace: Gyeongbokgung Palace served as the main palace of the Joseon dynasty. Patagonia trips Beyond the obviously stunning structures, visiting the palace was a bit surreal. Patagonia argentina Within the palace walls you feel transported to the past, but when you look up, you are quickly reminded that you are still surrounded by a bustling city center.

Dressing in Traditional Korean Costumes: This was my favorite part of Seoul. Country patagonia In preparation for our palace tour, many members of our group got the full on historical experience, donning traditional Korean costumes for the day.

Visiting the DMZ: The DMZ tour was one of the most highly-anticipated cultural visits. Patagonia park Learning about the complicated history of North and South Korea set a somber tone, but helped us understand the roots that created South Korea’s rich culture. When to go to patagonia The guides reminded us that the goal of unification is a complicated one, but they have actively taken on this part of their history work to share it openly as a signal of the opportunity to come.

Before I forget – most of the photos in this post were taken by Isabel Lacambra ’18 who as you will see has great taste and takes wonderful photos.

We left Mumbai on the 1st for Jaipur. Patagonia usa stores Our hilarious tour guide Adil explained that Indian towns founded by Hindus end in pur while those founded by Muslims end in abad.

I’ve had a fantastic time so far and am grateful not only for the opportunity to visit this beautiful country in a way I certainly could not on my own but for all of my wonderful classmates whom I would not have met otherwise.

After an exciting evening and beautiful afternoon in Jaipur we took a 5 hour bus ride to Delhi. What is patagonia known for I mention the length of the ride because while it was an exhausting trip we have had a great time on many of our bus rides. Patagonia gear The aisle has served as a dance hall and karaoke stage and I’ve gotten to bond with many fellow CBS’ers by sitting beside them between one place and another.

I am sure that I am not alone in the difficulty I experience trying to describe this place to family and friends who inquire. Trip patagonia On my first day all I could say was that it was “intense.” I’ve gotten a bit better at articulating how India makes me feel but it is still a work in progress.

At the risk of ending this post on a low note, a lot of India reminds me of how fortunate I have been. Patagonia is a Unequal access to resources breaks my heart.

12/30: Seeing the Next Wave of Korean Communication at Kakao Walking into the Seoul office immediately felt like we’re were transported back to Silicon Valley. Patagonia vimeo This rapidly-growing tech company strives to connect people with other people, places and information and we got a first hand look at what’s next. Who carries patagonia From new developments in Kakao Talk and Kakao Page, tech investments in natural language processing and machine learning, and the Asian expansion of their music streaming service, Melon, Kakao is changing the Korean consumer marketplace.

So begins a multi-post blog on the Global Immersion Program (GIP) trip to Cuba. Www patagonia com us For some background, Professor Kogut’s GIP Cuba course consisted of six 90-minute classroom sessions filled with guest speakers, relevant readings, and student presentations aimed at answering the question: Is Cuba the next transformation economy? After examining nations who have previously gone through similar transitions and evaluating Cuban business and political progress in the post-revolution era, the course culminates in a week-long trip to the Caribbean Island in an attempt to answer this question. How to travel patagonia By visiting Cuba, we will better understand what the future will look like, and what influence and opportunities foreign investors might have.

As a self-proclaimed travel junkie, I have never been so unsure what to expect from visiting a different country. Patagonia on sale clearance Sure, there will be amazing food, a rich and vibrant culture, and vintage cars from the mid-20 th century, but what else will I encounter? I have been told that there will be limited internet (if any), no cell phones, no use of credit cards, a 10% fee when exchanging USD to Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC)…but how will we be welcomed by Cuban professionals and government officials after over 50 years of travel sanctions? How will our ability to experience Cuba be molded by a country whose government is deeply involved in everything from real estate to healthcare to tourism?

While I don’t know the answers to these questions yet, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to find out; how excited I am to enjoy Cuban food and cigars, to interact with the locals, to learn from business owners, to immerse myself in this time capsule of a place before its transformation occurs.

And before I signoff, I wanted to pass along a few travel tips for anyone out there who’s looking to go to Cuba in the near future. Patagonia camping gear This is what I know from research so far, but I look forward to passing along ‘pro’ tips from the island.

• Visa: While CBS helped me get an Educational Visa, you’ll need to get one of the 12 approved categories for Visa before you go (and a supporting itinerary). Patagonia retail store Full list here.

• Hotel: Had CBS not booked the Hotel Melia Cohiba for this trip, I would have used Airbnb or Four Points By Sheraton Havana to book a vacation rental.

• Money: Stick with CUCs over the Cuba Pesos ( CUP) because CUPs have government controlled prices and are not intended for tourists (not to mention CUCs are 25x more valuable than CUPs). Patagonia la In case you get confused. Patagonia products CUCs have monuments on them, while Cuban Pesos feature the faces of local heroes (or check the links I provided above. Also, your best bet at exchanging money is at the airport, so to avoid the 10% tax on converting USD to CUC, bring Canadian dollars, British pounds, or Euros. Patagonia clothing history Additionally, as noted above, credit cards probably won’t work yet so bring enough cash to cover your entire trip. Patagonia like brands Finally, there is a 25 CUC exit fee to leave Cuba, so don’t forget to store this money in your passport to ensure you don’t miss your departing flight.

• Internet and Cell Phones: You should be able to buy internet cards from your hotel’s reception desk, but understand that the speed will be slow (good luck streaming video) and the front desk may be closed or out of these cards when you need them (unless you stay at Hotel Melia Cohib, which offers free internet). In which latin american country is patagonia located While other providers may have plan options, AT&T did not for me, so I’m planning to be mostly incommunicado during my trip.

• Souvenirs: Previously, you could only bring back $400 worth of souvenirs, of which $100 could be Cuban cigars, rum, or other alcohol. End of the world patagonia However, as of October 2016, those limits have been lifted, so just don’t bring back enough to seem like you’re planning to sell them when you return.

• Health: Upon arrival at the Havana airport, you may be asked to show proof of insurance, so don’t forget your insurance card (even though it probably won’t cover any care you’d need in Cuba). Patagonia outdoor clothing If you do forget, you can buy a policy through the airport for a few CUCs per day. Patagonia com usa Once through customs, Cuba is fairly safe in terms of food, but I would recommend avoiding tap water and being careful when trying new foods. Where is patagonia located To be safe, check the CDC website.

Here in Asia we’ve learned that symbolism is everything. When was patagonia founded So on Saturday 12/31 before getting ready to ring in the new year, we spent the afternoon on Maokong, a beautiful hill in Taipei with gorgeous views and cleansing tea. Patagonia s It’s also a gathering place for families all over Taiwan.

We were lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve at a rooftop venue overlooking Taipei 101, which was also one of the companies we visited. Patagonia online outlet The design of the building consists of 8 “boxes” shaped like rice boxes since rice symbolizes good fortune. Patagonia outlet europe The building also has 101 stories – one beyond perfection. Who sells patagonia So it’s only fitting that we rang in 2017 with Taipei 101 with fireworks exploding off the building!

On January 1, we participated in another long standing tradition in Taiwan. Patagonia store vancouver We drove to Shifen to release lanterns for the new year. Living in patagonia We each wrote our wishes for the new year on the lanterns and then sent them up into the sky!