The 10 most christian countries – therichest

They certainly have come a long way from their small hometown in the Middle-East. How many countries in europe continent Numbering 2.2 billion people worldwide, Christians make up the world’s largest religion by a margin of one billion, and the religion is still growing apace. Name countries in europe Catholicism alone can boast almost as many adherents as there are people in China. List of countries in european Under the Christian umbrella, there are at least as many denominations as there are fish in the sea; this Middle-Eastern born faith is unrivalled in its predominance worldwide with three major continents, plus half of Africa reporting Christian majorities. Main countries in europe Europe, which in the not too distant Medieval past went by the name Christendom, claims the majority of the world’s adherents to the faith, with 26% of all Christians hailing from the cradle of Western Civilisation. How many countries are in european union Conversely, the birthplace of Christianity (not to mention Judaism and Islam), the Middle-East, can boast no more than 0.6% of the earth’s Christians, a mere 12.7 million dispersed over the Middle-Eastern nations.

That Christianity does better away from home is nothing new. Number of countries in european union Since the Middle Ages about two thirds of the planet’s Christians lived in continental Europe. 10 countries in europe By 1910, Christianity may have penetrated North and South America and a good chunk of Africa, but still 2 out of 3 Christians lived in historical ‘Christendom’.

The smallest population on our Christian list is also the closest to the faith’s birthplace in the Middle East.

What countries are in northern europe Ethiopia has been Christian longer than any other country on this list, having adopted Christianity as a state religion as early as the 4 th Century AD. Countries in europe by area Today 62.8% of the population identify as Christian, that is 52,07,000 adherents to the faith of a total population of 82,950,000. How many countries in europe use the euro Of course this isn’t Ethiopia’s only claim to fame. List of all countries in europe Leading geneticists agree that this sub-Saharan nation is likely the oldest land of human habitation, the bridgehead from which humans spread across the world. Name three countries in europe that are landlocked If we look at things that way, then; Ethiopia may host 2.4% of the earth’s Christians, but 100% of the world’s Christians come from Ethiopia!

The second largest country in Africa, The Democratic Republic of Congo is also home to Africa’s second largest Christian population, with over 95% of its people identifying as such. What are the countries in europe Of its 63,210,000 Christians, about half are Catholic, and indeed the Catholic Church, administrator of many of the schools and hospitals in the Congo, has been called the only national institution in the country. The list of countries in europe The nation’s faith is possibly a legacy from the Congo’s time spent as a colony of Belgium, another of which is the French language. List all countries in europe French is the official language of the Congo, spoken as a first or second language by at least a third of the population, making it both the largest Francophone nation and the second largest population of French speakers in the world. 6 countries in europe Making up 2.9% of the world’s Christians, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the 8th most Christian nation in the world today.

The largest country in the world, taking a whole eight of the planet’s space into its boundaries, Russia straddles continents, making it, in some sense, the largest Christian country both in Asia and Europe. Name all countries in europe Out of its population of 142,960,000, 73.3% are Christian, showing that winter might have slowed down the armies of Napoleon and Germany but not that of the Christian missionaries. Two countries in europe Unique to this list most of Russia’s 104,750,000 Christians are members of the Orthodox tradition, making them the largest population of Orthodox Christians in the world and the only Orthodox population to make it on our 10 Largest Christian populations list, contributing 4.8% of the World’s Christians.

Although Mexico’s first brush with Christianity during the tyranny of the Conquistadores will hardly be remembered as an example of international compassion, nevertheless this former colony of Spain, much like the Philippines, now makes up a substantial part of the world’s Christian population. Number countries in europe A whole 5% of all Christians live in Mexico. 3 countries in europe These 107,910,000 adherents are overwhelmingly Catholic, in the tradition of their colonizer. List of countries in europe in alphabetical order They also make up the largest population of Spanish speakers in the world, no doubt contributing to the association of Hispanic peoples in North America with Catholicism. Number of countries in the europe Mexico has the third most Christians in the Americas, as well as the third most Christians in the world, highlighting a recent trend in the distribution of Christians worldwide.

Was there ever any doubt? With 243,060,000 adherents across fifty states, the United States of America is home to the world’s biggest population of Christians, making up 11.2% of the world’s total. Purpose games countries of europe Which should come as no surprise considering its history. What countries are in european union Back when the states were first been carved out by English landowners, many were founded to act as Christian havens. Countries in europe that start with s Pennsylvania was to be a sanctuary to threatened denominations such as the Anabaptists, who survive today in the form of the Amish communities of the US. How many countries are in europe 2015 Similarly Maryland, named after Mary Tudor of England, was a nice place for the British to send their excess Catholics, while almost the entire east bay became the home of Puritan protestants, seeking a new holy land away from the Catholic powers of Europe. Countries in europe number Today, a smaller percentage of Americans are Christian than in the 19 th Century – only 78.3% of the entire country – but considering that that the U.S. Countries in europe by gdp population exceeds 310,380,000 people, that’s still an enormous number of Christians.