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201335 201318 201318 Sacred mountain is focal point in fight over giant telescope Astronomers believe that the perfect spot for the next big observatory is atop the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Hawaii all inclusive packages for two But the proposed location for the $1.4 billion project is on land sacred to the native Hawaiian culture, and a legal challenge over the project has halted construction. All inclusive packages to hawaii Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports. Planning a trip to hawaii 2016-12-14 18:00:00 disabled 2365915353 ofu89Dy-2hg 203056 203049 How gene editing puts us in the driver’s seat of evolution Imagine you could edit a mouse’s genes to be resistant to Lyme Disease. Book hawaii vacation package The mouse would breed and evolution would take its course, leading to the extinction of the disease. Hawaii flight packages That’s the vision for scientists developing CRISPR, technology that allows scientists to rewrite the code of life. Hawaii vacations multi island packages William Brangham talks to Michael Specter who wrote about CRISPR for The New Yorker. Cheap hawaii tour packages 2017-01-05 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365927143 Waw7ywr9mMc 203053 203051 ‘Hidden Figures’ brings NASA’s black pioneers to light “Hidden Figures” is a story about reaching for the stars while fighting racial and gender barriers. Hawaii hotels The new movie follows the careers of three black women who worked at NASA’s Langley headquarters in Virginia during the 1950s and ‘60s to help launch the first American into space. Best hotels in hawaii Long overlooked, their story is finally being told. Best packages to hawaii Jeffrey Brown reports. Trip for two to hawaii 2017-01-05 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365927115 b3QsnHrgls8 202966 202960 Innovating the next generation of nuclear power The next generation of nuclear power is coming, as concerns about climate change bring the industry out of hibernation. Discount vacations to hawaii Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on how new startups and young scientists are hoping to develop solutions for safely generating vast amounts of nuclear energy. Big island hawaii vacations 2017-01-04 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365926250 ITbx1ywYG7A

HARI SREENIVASAN: Finally tonight, a most unusual battle between scientists and native Hawaiians over the construction of a massive observatory.

And it is all about a plan to build the largest telescope on Earth on a shield volcano.

Hawaii trip planner Astronomers say it can offer unique sights to view the cosmos, but it would be created on what is also considered sacred ground.

ANDREA GHEZ, Astronomer, UCLA: I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Christmas in hawaii deals We have got lots to do, lots — a lot of interesting problems that we’re working on that’s been enabled with advanced technology. Hawaii vacations all inclusive packages cheap And further advances are just going to make that all the better.

But plans to shed more light on her star quest are stuck in a black hole of resentment and anger. Kauai hawaii It turns out what’s precious to the scientists is sacred to the native Hawaiian culture.

PUA CASE, Activist: There’s no word for how I feel about that mountain in English. Hawaii house rentals There’s no word that would be deep enough to say how I feel about that mountain.

MILES O’BRIEN: Pua Case is one of the most vocal opponents of the $1.4 billion 30-meter telescope, the TMT. Hawaii specials It is the next big observatory on the horizon, and astronomers believe the summit of Mauna Kea is the ideal place to build it.

PUA CASE: This mountain peaks into the realm of the Sky Father to Wakea. Vacation hawaii deals It’s where I go when I need to say my prayers, when I want to be heard, because I know my voice is closest to the heavens when I am there.

MILES O’BRIEN: Their protests emerged at the groundbreaking on October 7, 2014. Vacations hawaii Opponents successfully argued the approval process was illegally circumvented, and so the Hawaiian Supreme Court revoked the building permit, forcing the project to start the long process over.

MILES O’BRIEN: Gary Sanders is project manager of the TMT. Hawaii deal packages It is a multinational partnership involving science enterprises in the U.S., Canada, India, Japan, and China.

GARY SANDERS: Scientists, we love what we do. Holidays in hawaii We adore it. Trips to hawaii cheap OK? We just don’t understand sometimes that those around us, while they might be pleased with it, even excited by it, may not adore it the way we do. Best holiday packages to hawaii That’s a blind spot.

MILES O’BRIEN: Observatories started appearing on the summit of Mauna Kea about 60 years ago. All inclusive vacation packages in hawaii There was always opposition, but it blossomed in the late 1990s, when NASA proposed four smaller telescopes be placed beside the big Keck mirrors to enhance their resolution.

GARY SANDERS: We tried as best we could to meet the concerns and actually to become part of the community, rather than mere visitors of the community.

So, when the opposition emerged, the additional opposition emerged as we began the groundbreaking and the construction, frankly, we were surprised.

PETER APO, Office of Hawaiian Affairs: The TMT issue is largely under the umbrella of what Hawaiians refer to as nationhood. Weekend trip to hawaii That is a strong feeling that the way Hawaii became the 50th state of the nation, beginning with annexation, was illegal.

ANDREA GHEZ: There’s certainly an element of native rights issues, which is far bigger than astronomy. Hawaii vacation spots So, astronomy, I think, right now, is certainly a lightning post for these bigger issues.

MILES O’BRIEN: Andrea Ghez is focused on one of the big issues in astronomy at the very heart of the galaxy. Hawaii vacation ideas She and her team have proven the existence of a black hole there by tracking how stars orbit around it. Cheap hawaiian vacation packages for 2 But, in science, the answers often spark new questions.

ANDREA GHEZ: Almost everything we see there is inconsistent with our models, so it’s making us scratch our heads. Hawaii package deals for two But I keep reminding myself that we are only seeing the brightest things, and it would be like trying to understand the financial market if you could only see the biggest transactions.

MILES O’BRIEN: In astronomy, the solution is to build bigger and better telescopes. Hawaii holiday resorts And a mirror 30 meters in diameter would be a hundred times more powerful than Keck’s, but it would be one of the largest moving structures ever constructed. Hawaii cheap trips The building will be 18-stories tall.

PUA CASE: The construction, the destruction, and the desecration to a sacred place, to any mountain anywhere, you can never change that. Hawaii trip in december You can never go back.

We know how grateful we are to be in this circle on this Mauna today. Cheap package deals to hawaii And you lead us, great mountain, and you tell us what to do. Affordable trips to hawaii And we align with you in the heart.

MILES O’BRIEN: So, while the TMT project pursues a new permit, it is also hedging its bets, choosing an alternate site in the Canary Islands. Cheap hawaii getaways Astronomers say that would be a huge loss for Hawaii.

PETER APO: One of the challenges that we have is that, when you use the word sacred, it means no discussion. Hawaii packages for families So, they won’t come to the table to discuss anything, because there will be no compromise. Hawaii vacation house The TMT will not be built. All inclusive packages to hawaii cheap So that makes it a little bit difficult to talk about anything.

MILES O’BRIEN: If the TMT moves on from Hawaii, Mauna Kea will still remain a powerful perch to study the cosmos for decades, but it could be the beginning of the end of an era of leading edge scientific discovery here.

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