Uk2abroad – the mobile roaming solution – low cost calls whilst abroad

UK2Abroad is a service that lets you avoid the high cost of using a mobile phone abroad. Amsterdam gay It works almost everywhere and is great for travellers and business users alike.

When you take your mobile phone abroad, your phone ‘roams’ onto a local mobile network in that country.

Amsterdam university college This allows you to continue using your mobile almost as you would in the UK, but your network operator charges you extortionate rates to receive calls, send texts and pick up voicemails.

UK2Abroad works by connecting your UK phone number with a local SIM card in the country you’re travelling to, letting you make and receive calls at low cost. Amsterdam denmark With UK2Abroad your call charges abroad can be as much as 10 less than with regular mobile roaming.

That depends on the type of local SIM you purchase. Amsterdam icebar xtracold Many SIM cards expire after a few months without use, but there are usually ways to keep them topped up from abroad if you wish, or just purchase a new one next time you travel.

In many countries you can dial one of our access numbers from your local SIM card and enter the international number you wish to call. Amsterdam news The international part of the call is billed by UK2Abroad, and the cost of calling our access number is charged to your local SIM card credit.

Our access numbers are all local landline numbers, so when you get a local SIM, try and get a package with low cost calls to local landline numbers.

In countries where we don’t have an access number, you can always make international calls directly from your local SIM card, or use our Call Connect service.

Call Connect is available globally and enables you to trigger an outbound call via our web app or by dialling a number from your phone that hangs-up and calls you straight back.

When you pick up the incoming call, we connect you to your destination. Amsterdam library This means that you avoid the local SIM call cost, and instead we charge you a receiving rate (as above) plus the outbound rate.

No we don’t sell SIM cards. Amsterdam october Just purchase a SIM locally when you arrive in the country you are travelling to. Port d amsterdam lyrics These days, it is normally very easy to get a local SIM card almost anywhere. Amsterdam song You can set up your UK2Abroad account in advance if you wish, then update your divert to direct calls to your local SIM after you purchase it.

Put in a SIM card from another mobile network. Amsterdam events 2016 If it registers on that network, your phone is unlocked. Amsterdams lyceum magister If it doesn’t, then you phone is locked. Amsterdam mohawks If you have an iPhone your home carrier (eg. Amsterdam boise O2, Vodafone, EE) will need to have supplied you the unlock code which you activated via iTunes. Amsterdam 4 star hotels Even if you bought the phone from Apple directly it would have locked the first time you put a SIM in it, so you still need to complete the above and test your phone with a SIM from another network.

UK2Abroad is a brand of 2Abroad Ltd., a specialist international telecommunications service provider focussed on offering low-cost, highly reliable telecommunication services from landlines and mobiles across Europe, Australia and the USA.

Our management team have over 30 years experience within the telecommunications industry. Amsterdam o que fazer Through UK2Abroad and our other branded services we route millions of minutes per month through our London switch to almost every destination worldwide. Amsterdam germany For more information on 2Abroad Ltd please visit Press Enquiries

Our unique minimum-hassle money saving services have been featured and recommended by many publications, including The Times, The Guardian, The Saturday Telegraph, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail, The London Metro, The Manchester Evening Post, Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert, Which?,, Trusted Reviews, and many more.