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I did not work there for long as I was only a seasonal worker. Amsterdam lounge The time I did have there though was fine. Amsterdam n y news The people were nice and things ran smoothly.

Amsterdam vodka price The only issue I had was with the red cards. Amsterdam vodka Cashiers are required to push target red cards, and if we are unable to sign up at least two people a week we are scolded for it as if we are not trying hard enough. Amsterdam to copenhagen Also, we have to tell people about the surveys on the receipt and if people don’t take it, it looks like we are not telling them about it.

Work consists of preventing theft by receipt checking, guest service, physical and live video surveillance, apprehending and detaining subjects, filing reports, communication with law enforcement.

This is an enjoyable job as I am able to have a uniquely positive impact of the store by preventing theft and gathering intelligence from my experiences in order to improve my statistics at work.

a typical day at Target was usually a mx up of good and bad. Amsterdam gay pride For example some days our guest were very efficient and understanding then other days the guest would get nasty and didn’t want to work with us when we were trying to work with them as best we can. Amsterdam things to do What I learned while working at Target was Fast, Fun and Friendly service. Amsterdamse bos The management could have been more helpful. Amsterdam university press My co-workers were great and helped me out the best they could. Amsterdam in october The hardest part of the day usually was when guest would bring us returns to the register when we had a customer service desk right when you walked in. Amsterdam olympic stadium The most enjoyable part of the job was helping people with all their needs when they were able to help me out by letting me know what they problem was

management was borderline tyrannical. Amsterdam ny weather very little concern for workers safety or getting the job done correctly. Amsterdam or prague they insisted on all of these new systems and strategy to “get the job done properly” but they did nothing but gum up the works and make us almost never pack out the store before opening. Amsterdam food a definite case of the wrong people in power who have no idea what there doing. Amsterdams omaha i can count several times where i was very ill and was refused to leave early. Amsterdam court hotel even though i was throwing up and had a fever by people who believed protocol was better then acctually doing the job right and doing what logically had to be done. Amsterdamseeds my breaks were often cut. Amsterdamse poort and the pay was really poor for the work we were doing.

The most enjoyable part of my job is the part where (other than black Friday) that I work not just at one spot the whole day. Amsterdam university Some days of course I have to primarily where they need me to be but, I like doing different things effectively with helping the customers at our stores. Amsterdam wiki Like if I’m suppose to be doing cashier and we have enough cashier but not enough staff at customer service then I am brought there to help.

A typical day at work is always an exciting challenge. Amsterdam peach I have learned, with my own patience, how to operate machines and use technology to keep up with progress. Amsterdam rotterdam My management is awesome and caring. Amsterdam weather in july The hardest part of the job is being patient and understanding that you won’t always get everything right the first time. Amsterdam zurich train The most enjoyable part of the job as a warehouse team member is realizing that patience goes a long way and accepting new challenges everyday makes the job worth it.

A typical day would include bagging guests items and handling the transactions as well keeping area clean and organized. Amsterdam cafe Bright, positive attitude. Amsterdam zuid station The hardest part was when we would be super busy and your trying to keep things moving along and check guests out as fast and as efficiently as possible. Amsterdam to berlin The most enjoyable part was communicating with guests and sometimes making personal connections, along with the friendliness.

Target has created a very professional environment in their stores, with clear goals for each and every day and visible paths to promotion through development. Amsterdam ny Management and team members beneath them are paid well and motivated to be there. Amsterdam jobs The only con is the work-life flexibility– it’s nonexistent, because retail requires long hours, working holidays, etc. Amsterdam printing So, don’t work here if you’re not open to flexibility. Amsterdams cafe auburn al In personal experience, not having a 9-5 really kind of sucks.